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  • Warning for Rathe server

    Not sure if this should go here or in a different area, but I figured this one is most applicable sooo..... (please move or delete if its in the wrong place or simply not wanted here, just trying to save people some heartache)

    Basically, a character named "Saeolron" on Rathe has been offering to do high level combines and keeping the results for himself (check 0.topic for details, I have no reason to believe the posters are lying, particularly Kathartic). Since he must be of significant skill level to succeed at these combines, I would expect he frequents this site and, perhaps, looks for victims here as well (not to fault the site in any way). Anyways, be wary.

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    He was guild removed for the same offense.

    Also there is a warning about him posted on the RTA by a separate person.

    He seems to be getting around...


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      I was grouped with someone the other day who said they had fallen victim to Saeolron.
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