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Any iksar 250 smiths?

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  • Alkee
    I don't have a 250 Iksar smith but if its any help, one of my alts, an Iksar Shammy is at 206.


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  • Zzketza
    started a topic Any iksar 250 smiths?

    Any iksar 250 smiths?

    I am looking for a 250 Iksar smith to get a price quote and potentially place an order for a near-full set of Fearsome Skyiron armor. I am willing to collect and make all the Scale Temper required, and not in a desperate rush to get the suit immediately; although I would make a note that I have stopped Exp'ing while I attempt to get enough cash together for this purchase.

    If there are any actual iksar smiths around, please post here or send a tell ingame to Zzketza or my alt Lepros. And if anyone can confirm my fear that there are NO 250 iksar smiths, I would appreciate it so I know if i need to spend 3 lifetimes saving up to make it myself. *Curses the stumpies in Thurg for having such low quality Shadowknight armor*