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  • Smiths needed....

    Need someone to do some DoN High Elf cultural plate smithing (Moonglade). GM stuff and augments will be needed

    Also, have need of a Wood Elf to do some DoN cultural chain (Wrewood) smithing. Master's and GM level stuff and augments may need to be made.

    thank you for yoru time;

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    I currently have 300 smithing, GM3 and Salavge 3 Smithing (High Elf). Unfortunetly I have not yet finished my GM task so unable to make the augs but happy to do DoN combines for you.
    I should be on during the evening (Australian EST [+10 GMT]) if you wish to send me a tell, or you can email me and leave me your details so I can contact/look for you when I get online.
    Mensei 88 Rogue (Gnome) Sal3, GM 300 in all base tradeskills +Tinkering & Poison Making (Melee Research 296 - getting there)
    Menssia 75 Cleric (High Elf) Sal3, GM 300 in all base tradeskills (except Research)
    (Terror Australis - 'The Rathe/Karana')