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  • Ranger-for-hire

    Hello there,

    I'd just like to offer up my humble skills as a master tracker (200) and forager (200 + 10%).
    If there's anything you need foraging just send me a tell. If it's something I pick up lots I'll start saving it for you instead of burning it. I hate nothing more than to waste things others could be using.
    I'll forage anything, though, but if there's something in particular that would require me sitting in a specific zone, then I'm sure it's only fair I ask for some recompense, or perhaps an exchange of services (buffs, or a little powerlevelling in the zone in question....broodlands for example)
    I'm also proficient in all the tradeskills (216 fletching, 200 Brewing baking pottery, 172 smithing (and rising), 166 tailoring (also rising) and about 140 jewellery) so tell me any subcombines you might need to save you time.

    My tracking skills are yours as well, and I'm unlikely to charge.

    All the love,
    Tyfold (53 Ranger)

    Edit: Sincerest of apologies for the misdemeanor...shan't happen again.
    Last edited by Tyfold; 04-28-2005, 06:08 PM.