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Freeport - a tradeskillers walking tour

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  • Freeport - a tradeskillers walking tour

    In the absence of the PoK, Freeport once again becomes the 'go to' place for tradeskilling in Norrath, especially for smithing, but it is very good for most, if not all, other skills as well.

    This site has been very good about listing the new locations of vendors and tradeskill containers, but I am not great at finding things with LOC, and the new Freeport can be confusing at first, so I thought it might be a good idea to give a sort of 'tour' from ground level. This is not meant to be complete in any way - I'm not trying to list all the vendors, just to give a good place to get started on several basic tradeskills. There is one good central point to start doing that.

    There are two gates between East and West Freeport. If you want to start skilling up, the place to head initially is the northernmost of those gates, so let's start there. On either side of that gate, you will find ore, sheet metal, banded molds, a variety of other molds, water, backpacks and 3 forges (one of which is the fp cultural forge). But you will also find fishing grubs, fresh fish, bat wings, malt, yeast, hops, bottles and casks - plus two ovens and a brew barrel. In short, everything you need to skill up smithing, baking and brewing to above 100.

    Let's start on the West Freeport side, specifically at Groflah's forge. If you head due west from Groflah's, you will find yourself in a long corridor running most of the length of WFP. If you're new to the new Freeport, this corridor is an important place to start in getting around. As you run down it to the west, you will encounter two gates to the north. The first of those leads into a square containing city hall. The loom is behind city hall. Also in that square is Jillian Dyson, who sells file molds, lantern molds and a few other molds. The second gate to the north leads to the bank, which will obviously be important.

    Halfway between those two northern gates is one to the south, which leads to the Academy of arcane sciences. If you go through that gate and bear around to the right, you will come to a little alcove where you will find Jennam and Rebby under some tents. If you have faction problems in Freeport, that will be important, but we'll get back to that.

    Outside Groflah's is a forge. Inside Groflah's is Kyrin Steelbone, who sells various sizes of ore and clay, smithy hammer and chisel and sharpening stones. If you come out of Groflahs and turn to the South, you will see Krystin Charcoal, who sells brewing supplies, including bottles, casks, malt, yeast, etc. Just to the East of Krystin is the gate to East Freeport. Just to her west is another gate which leads to a small walled off section. Just inside this alcove on either side are alchemy vendors. A little farther down, on the right in a nook, is Muro Kuoai, who sells water flasks. When I first started smithing in freeport, I had a heck of a time findind a water vendor close at hand to the forge in West Freeport. This vendor is the closest. East Freeport, on the other hand, seems to be hip deep in water (water flasks at least). There is also an oven behind Groflah's.

    Let's head through the gate and into East Freeport. As you zone into EFP, you will be looking at Armor by Ikthar. There are two forges outside this building, including the cultural forge. Inside are Valentin Firehart, who sells plate molds, Kif, who sells various shield molds, and Issilyn Ristan, who sells sheet metal and medium banded molds.

    As you come out the door of Ikthar's, you are looking at Filrion Dokius, who sells water plus a variety of baking and brewing supplies including Dwarven Ale, Elven Wine, Milk, Cheese and Fresh Fish.

    If you turn to the right (north) coming out of Ikthar's, you will see Farista Eniatia, who sells, backpacks, water, a variety of gems but also sells bat wings and fishing grubs.

    Just to the north is Trader's Holiday. Inside Trader's Holiday is Tislan, who sells Spits, Skewer, Scaler, Pot and Lantern molds, plus a variety of baking container molds such as pie tins. Also in Trader's Holiday is Cloud Alemaker, who sells bottles and casks, kiola saps and other brewing supplies. There is a brew barrel and oven inside this building.

    If you follow the road outside Trader's Holiday a short way to the north and then east, you will come to Malon Lailus, who sells a variety of Meat, including Bear and Lion, plus spices and bread, flour, sugar, etc.

    Head back to Groflahs and then start going south. you will shortly take a little jog to the left and down a hill: On your left is Leather and Hide. Inside are the Tanners, who sell large and small sewing kits and all basic tailoring patterns.

    Keep heading south and you will shortly encounter the southern gate to West Freeport on your right. Let's head through for a moment and zone back to WFP. Immediately in front of you as you zone in is a group of tents. The vendor of interest here is Jenna Smith who sells weapons molds, including throwing knife, javelins, blade and hilt molds and oak shafts.

    Ahead and to your left as you zone in are Jade and Amber, who sell gems, metal bars and jewelcraft kits. Let's head back to East Freeport. As you zone in, to the right (south) is a gate, which leads to a square containing the Militia House. There is a forge just inside the Militia house on the main floor.

    From the Militia house square to the east is another gate, which leads into an open area. As you walk through this gate, you are looking across at Hallard's Resales, which has two vendors selling Rusty Weapons if you want to skill up by sharpening them. Beware - Tohsan Hallard buys and sells for worse prices than his buddy, for some reason, so use the other vendor.

    The southern end of this area is a large pit, which has necromancer and rogue and other guilds, but there are two things of interest for tradeskillers here. At the back end of the pit is Gord's smith, which sells nothing of interest, but there is a forge outside. Also in the pit are the two Rogue guildmasters, Nestral TGaza and Harkin Duskfoot, who give the two quests to deliver notes to Jennam and Rebby in WFP. These quests can raise your merchant faction very quickly if you happen to be from out of town, and the quests can be run at the same time.

    South of Hallards' Resales, but not in the pit, is the soulbinder, which can be handy. If you follow the road between Hallards and the souldbinder toward the east, you will curve to the north and then come to entrance to the Theatre of the Tranquil. Inside this open area are several pottery vendors and two sets of Pottery tradeskill stations.

    Lastly, if you keep heading to the north and east, you will eventually come to the docks. While there are a few tradeskill vendors in the harbour area, plus a brew barrel and oven, you will generally be better off in other areas of town, unless you just can't find an unused brew barrel, for example. However, there are two important vendors here - Ilanon Untitia, who is inside the Port Authority building, in a little alcove on the north end is the first of these. Ilanon sells the large and small molds for both banded and plate armors (and is not listed on 'find'). Another important vendor in this area is Eriel Skelytia, who is on the docks just south of the Port Authority. Eriel sells large and small chainmail patterns, as well as all kinds of ore, plus sheet metal, shield type molds and a few other various molds.

    There is not a forge anywhere near the docks, unfortunately. There is one listed on my maps, but it turns out to be an oven. Nonetheless, when you need to make small or large armors, it is an important place to know.

    That's about it. I hope this is helpful in getting started and that others will add to it. I have left out some of the skills and hope to get some of that information in eventually. There are lots and lots of other tradeskill vendors all over East and West Freeport. I have just tried to give a simple way to get started on a few skills from a central location.