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  • And the sleeper back to sleeping until ulocked in Velious? What about old quests that are no longer working now but was ok before like the ring of fire in AC?


    • KyrosKane wrote:

      "Blue Diamond cultural would not be possible until Velious at the earliest, since it needs velium."

      That's been the point. It doesn't all need velium. For example, punch up Steelweave (the Erudite BD cultural) and you'll see that, assuming access to celestial solvent and with the exception of fulvous, which can only be made if the imbue amber spell is available in the old world, it's going to be available from day one. That's the problem, as you'll see that (for example) an Erudite or Human paladin can then super-power where other races would be left in the dust. There are blue diamond cultural recipes that will show up earlier than Velious (all of the Halfling stuff save the Leatherfoot bags will be available in Kunark, Tunarean gear by wood elves also shows up when Kunark opens, and so on) so it can be quite unbalancing.



      • I'm liking how much discussion we are getting for this. However, in the interest of seeing more new ideas, here are a couple of things addressing some concerns that have been brought up. These aren't direct quotes, but they aren't misquotes either.

        1. NO DoN CULTURAL - It's been stated that the DoN quests and whatnot for this kind of stuff won't be available until DoN is unlocked

        2. NO BD CULTURAL/FREEPORT MERCHANT ABUSE - Maddoc has specifically stated that he's going to be going through the vendors and removing the Abysmal Sea items and any items that are unbalancing/not appropriate for the balance level of the era.

        3. NO TUTORIAL - It's been said already, but in case anyone missed it, they have decided to take out the tutorial until later on in the progression.

        4. NEWBIE QUESTS? - Still no official yes or no on this, but Maddoc is looking into these. I'm personally undecided on this. I'm a quest-**gnoll** , but I also love tradeskilling. Worst case scenario, tradeskill armor would still be needed for face, neck, back, shoulder (I think) and waist.

        That's all the time I have right now, but if I think of anything specific I'll try to post sometime when I'm not working. ^_~


        • This seems a good balance to me (referencing NeoGabi's post above). I believe everyone should be able to make a decent stab at the early game with the Noob armor quests.

          It'll kill some of the banded/leather/silk trade skillers making money with tougher leg and chest slots already being filled on potential customers. But as NeoGabi said, there's still the non-visable armor slots to fill.

          That also means enchanted jewel crafters can make a coin or two in the early game.

          Archery (as stated before) will be in use by most bow users. Yes, there are more then just ranjas in that group!

          As for baking, I suspect there will be a lot of people who make fish rolls just to keep in the bank to keep from having to buy expensive foods. I've had more then one toon do just that. It'll keep the toon fed till decent stat food comes out, and make it easier to get there, rather then start from zero.

          Brewing will always be a bit in-vogue. Drunk monks and warriors are always fun to role play! This will also keep them poised for tempers & essences introduced later in the progression.

          Pottery will be useful, if for nothing else then Opal Encrusted Steins. Few will be progressing to the post 200 skill needed to make them, so a few coin will be made there. Since most everything else potters can make for a low level skill path has been relegated to NPC's to sell for cheaper, pottery won't be really used until Velious, with Thurgdan gate potions being used by non-gate classes.

          As for racial/class specific skills; Poisons will be neglected, tinkering and alchemy will be exploited, and spell research components will oddly discussed by the finger wigglers.

          All in all, yeah, I'm looking forward to it. Only real down side I can see from the beginning is not allowing the "Escape to Norrath" noobs from accessing it. I know that a few of the quest/drop items there (skull charm, for instance) sorta are out of the spirit of the server, but if everyone has one, it's not all that unbalancing anymore, I figure. It's a toss-up for me on this last question, and it boils down to, do we let the EtN noobs on this server from the start? Or do we not allow the tutorial's equipment mix at the start of the game? Hard to lock that one down. I'd like the noobs to get an even chance with the veteran characters from the start line. But are there enough of them (noobs interested in doing that) to justify opening the tutorial from the get go?

          Without any market research, I guess leaving out the EtN noobs may be the answer. Oh well, back to vendor farming for me!
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          • So I'm a little confused about the new server. Once someone "unlocks" a expansion, is it unlocked for everyone? Or is it more like if you unlock an expansion is it available to your account only? I'm just thinking that some people play more often than the rest of us and they might "ruin" the server by unlocking the expansions too quickly. Then again, if it is unlocked by the individuals then I could also see uber people running around with us in our noob gear. Might make things a little unbalanced also. Plus trade skillers that unlock before others would have an advantage over the other people. Maybe it would be better for everyone to be unlocked at the same time. Anyone know how the unlocking works (i.e. time, quest, or kill activated)?

            I am looking forward to this new server since it will be more like the way when I first started EQ. I was wondering if the old alchemy recipes will be used or if it would be the way they are now... I liked both versions; however, the new one is more cost efficient. Although I did like being able to farm random mobs to get potion ingredients, instead of having to get a certain drop for all the high level potions (i.e. griffon feathers for vampiric spirit versus exceptional shade essence and the like). However, if the potions are the same as they are now, how will anyone be able to make them until POR comes out (due to the vials), or would the vials be kept on the merchants in abysmal, etc.? Not sure if any of the other trade skills are like alchemy, but I thought most had been overhauled at one point or another.

            Sorry for the random questions, just curious about how things are going to be on the new server. Not sure if anyone can answer my questions, but opinions seem to work just as well for most cases
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            • I have to admit Iím quite excited about this prospect as well, here is the link to the Official Progression Forums:

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              • Sooooo cool

                Alright, I must say I'm thrilled by the idea of this server. I just want to help clear up some info about it since I've been doing a lot of research on this lately:

                1 - Yes, many zones will be reverted to their old states. Someone mentioned Paw, Hate, Cazic before. They also mentioned mischief, but I'm curious about that one, since (and correct me if I'm wrong) it wasn't available until Velious anyway. Are they going to go with the old zone in point, or keep the new one?

                2 - It's been stated that many recipes will be left in place as is since the recipes don't have expansion flags on them. Many have questions about DoN recipes, and my guess is that these will be removed by taking out the NPCs (as was so cleverly suggested above). I have nothing to back that up though. Also some mentioned Erudites being able to make BD armor... as a Erudite tailor, let me say that farming terrorantula silk is NOT fun.

                3 - As a very adamant poster mentioned this is a progression server, not a classic server. It's been stated that it will take at least a year to unlock all the expansions, but will likely take much longer. They just said a year because of the "players ability to surprise us". I have also heard there will be time-based walls if someone completed one of the locks too quickly, so you won't see two expansions unlocked in the same week (at least I hope the time blocks are at least this long). Because this is a progression server don't expect them to take out too much "overpowering" stuff, but on the other hand it seems the vocal majority who are excited about the server seem to want a more "classic" server. Hopefully SOE will listen and give me my Kedge time.

                4 - While we don't know what the locks will be, most assume it will be raid targets. It could be possible though that some locks might be tradeskill related. For example wouldn't it be cool if the lock for Velious included the shawl quest? Just a thought.

                5 - By keeping recipes the way they are I'm assuming we're going to be seeing the "new" trivials again instead of the old ones. Don't expect to raise your smithing to 248 on fine steel, or for that matter raising many skills beyond 200 with the modified trivials (unless you can get the components to do it strictly in old world zones).

                And as a smith here's a question: Tae Ew weapons/armor. The weapons/shields won't be craftable until Kunark (lack of iksar blood) but does it seem a little overpowering to anyone else to be able to get a 14/24 poker for a rogue and 45 AC tunic for a ranger (or, for that matter, our same rogue) as soon as Kunark comes out? I know I just stated above to not expect them to do much in the way of changing "overpowered" stuff, and with the trivial at 295 it'll be REALLY hard to make right away since we'll be using the "new" trivials, but I just wanted to point out the possibility of a ranger running around in full Tae Ew with the two-hander shortly after Kunark comes out. And now that I look at it nothing is needed for the armor from Kunark, it's all old world. This also depends entirely on if in the old Cazic the blood was dropping, which I only got to visit a few times before the change and really don't remember well. I won't even get into the plate...

                Man I can write run-on sentences when I've had drinks.... Anyway, yay Combine server! (Look at the server name. It's MADE for tradeskillers )