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  • Need a combine?

    Bout time I decided to make use of the time I have spent, so will offer my services.
    First I want to put down two ground rules.
    1) I am an active member of a guild and oft demanded by friends. This may mean that I am unable to get to you straight away as I may be indisposed.
    2) You need to provide ingredients for the combine. While I will do all subcombines as necessary, I dont want to dig into my stash and use up materials I may need.

    In spite of this, my services are totally FREE, whether successful or failure (does happen). For a full list of my abilities, see the list below. I will try stuff "over my head" if asked, but please dont blame me for failing I am only barbarian.

    So... get in touch if you need me (Amii), on Saryrn/Mithaniel Marr, and if I am not on, and your problem is not urgent, send an ingame email.

    Oh yeah, you want the skill list .
    Alchemy 275 (Mastery 3)
    Baking 300
    Blacksmithing 231 (Is in progress)
    Brewing 300
    Fishing 300
    Fletching 282
    Jewelcraft 300
    Tailoring 200 (Also in progress)

    Also have Salvage 3 and am working some of the other AA Mastery stuffz.

    Thanks for reading

    Amii, 70 Shaman of Mith Marr.
    "I used to do tradeskills for the fun of it, then it got expensive and needed farming."
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