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    I'm Certon Dreamwarden, a 68 Enchanter on Quellious. Here's my dilemma:

    My tradeskill quest requires that I make Beer-Braised Nest Drake Soup. Well, I found a couple pieces of Nest Drake Meat on a vendor in Lavastorm, but I have never seen another piece (in the bazaar or in Quellious server chat.) I messed up my recipe and accidentally made Beer-Battered Nest Drake Soup

    My question is: are there any baker's on Quellious that might have a piece or two of Nest Drake Meat? It's the last thing I have to to. I'd appreciate any and all help you could give me.
    Certon the Dreamwarden

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    Gah, wish you were on Maelin. I've got stacks of that just rotting away on my baking mule.

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      I just did the Drake Menace mission last week and got 3 nest drake meats from that mission.
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        I believe I have some Nest Drake Meat on one of my mules, see me in-game, I'm usually on most evenings after 9pm eastern
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