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  • Making Ogre GM Armor

    Making Ogre and Dwarven GM Armor to order.

    Two options:

    1) I will make a piece for you at a set price, based on current Metallic Drake Scale prices

    2) Or I will do combines for you and accept payment upon successful completion of a piece.

    This latter option gives you the chance to farm metallic drake scales on your own and pay plat only when a piece is made. You also reap the benefit if I make an item on the first try - or assume the rist that it may take me multiple tries.

    Success rates are capped on GM items.

    For Ogre GM items, Garshok has max chance on all GM items. Currently at Salvage 1.

    For Dwarven GM items, Zopharr is a few points away from max chance on all GM items - therefore I'd recommend option 1 above for dwarven items (I will take Metallic Drake Scales as partial payment, however) . Currently at Salvage 2.

    Send a tell to Garshok or leave a message on Crimsondorf, my bazaar mule.

    Last edited by Zopharr; 01-22-2007, 05:57 PM. Reason: Updated to add Dwarven GM armor
    95th Dreadlord, Povar-Quellious, 300 Ogre Grand Master Smith, 300 all skills
    (glad the climb to 300 is finally over)

    95th Priest of Brell, Povar-Quellious, 300 Dwarven Grand Master Smith, 300 all skills
    (holds his 15% smithing trophy in his off hand and pretends to dual-wield - and hopes the Holy Dirt of Brell he's carried for twelve years will have a use in the new expansion)

    95th Shaman of Inny, Povar-Quellious, 300 Troll Grand Master Smith
    (got so tired of looking for a troll smith for armor that I made one)

    95th Necromancer, Povar-Quellious, 300 Tinker - Tailor
    (still working on Solder, Spy)