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Unifying Povars Tradeskillers

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    Tradeskill report

    I currently have the following skill:
    61st enchantress: agnostic
    all enchant spells purchased, all mana spells purchased:

    Jewelcraft 250 (2 trophies..both before converted)
    Research 200 (plus geerlock)
    Brewing 200 (plus geerlock)
    Fletching 200 (plus geerlock)
    Smithing 192 (plus geerlock)
    Baking 135
    Tailoring 158
    Pottery 158
    Tinker 131

    also have Dwarven Smith 195 + Geerlock
    also have gnome rogue with 190 make poison.

    currently have worked a dwarven cleric to 30th so I can imbue rubies.

    currently working on a gnome cleric of bristlebane to be able to imbue peridots (need some time on this one)

    Hope this helps.


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      Arkanny Arkanoid, 65 Erudite wizard.

      250 JC (Trophy)
      145 pottery


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        Niccole = 65 Enchanter
        250 JC + Trophy + JCM3


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          Mytekat 65 Shaman Povar Vah

          Alchemy 199 (+GM Trophy)
          Baking 191
          Tailoring 108
          Blacksmithing 115 (and going up)
          Fletching 41
          Brewing 248 (+GM Trophy)
          Jewellery 191
          Pottery 127

          I am generally on 4cdt to 11cdt weekdays. Just send me a tell for availabilities for combines.

          Also I am looking for fellow VAH to complete class weapons.


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            Platinu Kismet
            65 Chanter

            Have 250 Jewelcraft + Trophy + Jewelcraft Mastery 3

            Don't mind doing combines for people but if I'm busy you come to me. Donations are never flung back in anyone's face, but I don't demand one either.

            /rude Hamner


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              Please update to add me to the "so you need somebody to" thread

              250 smith & trophy
              250 JC & trophy
              250 Baker


              What Race are you? -Nim
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                At this time, I have these skills
                --------------------------------------------------------------------------Kunnon, 29 Vah Shir Shaman (Main)
                23 Alchemy

                Leafspirit, 12 Wood Elf Druid
                187 Baking
                17 Pottery

                And thats all I have right now. These skills will continue to rise, and I will do more. I will update these post every month at least.


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                  Please Update upon server merger...
                  Wayshaper (highelf cultural) 300(345) mastery 3, salvage 3

                  might wanna update the list to remove retired folks


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                    Baking 200
                    Blacksmithing 122
                    Brewing 285 -With Trophy
                    Fishing 110
                    Fletching 200
                    Jewelry Making 200
                    Pottery 148
                    Research 133
                    Tailoring 168

                    All Trespassers Will Be Mezzed!!


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                      Tradeskill Stuff

                      Although I can't compete with the .sig above, here's mine:

                      Baking 300
                      Blacksmithing 200
                      Brewing 248
                      Fishing 200
                      Fletching 200
                      Jewelry Making 200
                      Pottery 265
                      Tailoring 200
                      Tinkering: I'm a Halfling, but I have an alt who's at 256 in tinkering.



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                        Poison-making 300 +trophey
                        Baking 300 +trophey
                        Brewing 300 +trophey
                        Pottery 300 +trophey
                        JC 300
                        Smithing 250
                        Tailoring 252
                        Fletching 282
                        Fishing 200 +5%

                        No masterys but salvage 3. have journeyman, expert and master symbol patterns available.
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                        Lone Ranger
                        Master Artisan Buns Pincher of Povar


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                          Master Baker (315)
                          Master Brewer (315)
                          Master Fletching (315)
                          Master Jewelcraft (315)
                          Master Pottery (315)
                          Master Smithing (315)
                          Master Tailoring (315)

                          + Salvage 3
                          Gigantuous 70 Vanquisher
                          Firestormers of Povar
                          Master Artisan
                          Grandmaster Symbol Maker


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                            Leonis is THE Kittysmith for Povar - first to 300 smithing, and appears to have been the only active Vah Shir smith for most of the last year. Max AAs and has trophy.

                            Also 300 Tailor, though not the first there - seems to be only active one of late though. Max AAs and has trophy.

                            For what it's worth, he's also a 300 brewer, 282+ JC and Fletcher, 250+ Potter and Baker.

                            Can and has made Elegant armor in Khala Dun and Vah Anima, can make Elegant Khala Vir but hasn't done so yet. Eqplayers shows me as being the FIRST person in Everquest to make Elegant Khala Dun Boots. 8-)
                            Can and has made Exalted Symbols. Has the skill level and recipies but not very close to finishing the Sublime symbol quest.

                            I also have an alt dwarfsmith that's 280ish, but he's a low level guy with no access to AAs for now.

                            I also have a gnomealt that's a 260ish tinker and 230ish researcher, but certainly can't compete with Physt there. 9-)
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                              Master Baker (315)
                              Master Brewer (315)
                              Master Fletching (315)
                              Master Jewelcraft (315)
                              Master Pottery (315)
                              Master Smithing (315)
                              Master Tailoring (315)

                              + Salvage 3 (High Elf)