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Unifying Povars Tradeskillers

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  • Unifying Povars Tradeskillers

    If you all have a spare moment, I would like you all to go take a look at Karana's forum on this message board, and on the old board as well.

    They have stickys with Tradeskillers for Hire, Imbuers for Hire, and they have a thriving active community of Tradeskillers.
    I would like for Povar to develop something Similar.

    I will post my own info here, and hopefully others will follow

    (Updated 06/25/03, adding 9 levels to noishpa, 10 to smalltim, and updating skill info)
    (Updated again 10/01/03, wow it's been a while. 6 Levels for Noishpa, and 14 for Tim)

    Noishpa - Halfling Druid , Level 61 (Can Imbue Pebbles and Emeralds, and Imbue Storm in One Level))
    Tailoring - 187
    Smithing - 188
    Baking - 250 (With trophy!)
    Brewing - 150ish
    Fishing - 121
    Pottery - 200
    JewelCraft - 143

    CawtiofJhereg - Woodelf Druid, Level 2
    Fletching - 202

    Smalltim - Gnome Enchanter Level 51 (Tinkerer)
    - 150 Research + Geerlok and LoY book.
    - 116 Tinkering
    - Enchant all normal metals, and make all normal mana vials.
    - I own the Human/Steel Enchant spell. If you need other cultural metal enchanted, bring me the spell. Preferably the mass version to save mana.

    Please post any info here you wish to share with the rest of Povar.
    With a litle work, we can be as active as Karana!

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    Venerable Noishpa Taltos , Planar Druid, Educated Halfling, and GM Baker.
    President and Founder of the Loudmouthed Sarcastic Halflings Society
    Also, Smalltim

    So take the fact of having a dirty mind as proof that you are world-savvy; it's not a flaw, it's an asset, if nothing else, it's a defense - Sanna

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    Skill NameSkill
    Blacksmithing 224
    Jewellery 220
    Alcohol Tolerance140

    Im working it as fast as I can but have other Dutys to attend so Skilling up is a low priority right now. Hopefully soon I will be able to relax and get back to it but for now I must get to work on other things.
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      Skill levels

      Hiya all. Although I really don't have any notable skill levels at this time, I am an aspiring and feverisherly working High Elf Smith. Here is what I have as of today:

      56 High Elf Paladin (Tunare)
      Fletching 136
      Smith 180 +5%

      Other skills too, but none of those above 50.

      54 Halfling Druid (Karana)
      Brewing 177
      Fishing 198

      Same as Lilosh, I will imbue plains pebbles free of charge. Just shoot me a tell. (May ask to pay a donation for KEI though, if I already don't have it.)

      22 Erudite Enchanter
      Potery 55

      Will Crystalize Mana or Thicken Mana free of charge, as well as enchant up to Electrum.

      I will keep this updated as I progress thru my quest to become a GM smith.

      Jarmir Mandragoran
      56 Knight

      Kneebone Tangleroot
      54 Druid


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        Tailoring- 214
        Brewing- 200
        Baking - 200
        Smith- 188

        Have Pottery Trophy and geerloks for all others, except Fishing +3% mod.

        Similie Truthseeker
        64 Human Karana Druid

        Update 5/27/03


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          Tailoring 250
          Brewing 250
          Fletching 250
          Baking 250
          Smithing 250
          Pottery 250
          Jewelcraft 250
          Fishing 200

          Member of 1750 club on March 14, 2004

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          Thicket Tundrabog
          Heroes Unlimited


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            I am just starting to dabble in the tradeskills, as I am starting to work for my Thurgadin Prayer shawl. Currently I have:

            Baking 52
            Tailoring 15
            Smithing 15
            JC 15
            Fletching 15
            Brewing 15

            I haven't picked up the spell yet, but when I do, I will be able to imbue emeralds.

            Geyenden 45th lv Half elf Druid
            Wanderer of Tunare


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              Fishing 197 +3%
              Reserach 182 +5% (Wizard)
              Baking 193
              Tailoring 169 +5%
              Smithing 190 +5% (High Elf)
              Fletching 193
              Brewing 190 +5%
              Jewelcraft 185 +5%
              Pottery 190 +5%

              Will do free combines if you bring me all components :P

              Most up-to-date skill level can be found from my magelo profile 8)
              Arina, Arcanist of Povar


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                skill levels

                Current Skills

                Fishing 180
                Baking 216
                Tailoring 113
                Blacksmithing 106
                Brewing 171
                Pottery 117
                Foraging 200

                I also have a tinker working her way
                through the mid 100's, as plat permits.

                As a rule, I don't have much time to play,
                so cannot offer time-intensive services,
                but I am always willing to help out otherwise.
                I've been on Povar since the day EQ went
                commercial, and have never had much hope
                of its tradeskillers becoming a very organized
                or cooperative community. Maybe this is a start.

                Karana druidess of 54 seasons


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                  Caldyen Nightblade (65 High Elf Cleric)

                  You can also leave a message with my Bazaar mule Calaran if Im not around but he is.
                  • Baking - 191 + 5%
                  • Blacksmithing - 224 + 15%
                  • Brewing - 200 + 5%
                  • Fishing - 190 + 5%
                  • Fletching - 170 + 5%
                  • Jewelcraft - 178 + 5%
                  • Pottery - 191 + 5%
                  • Tailoring - 155 + 5%
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                  Caldyen Nightblade
                  The Lore Keepers
                  All-Around Tradeskill Junkie


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                    was asked to toss this info up for everyone, so here it is.

                    Fishing 200
                    Baking 187
                    TAILORING: 250
                    Fletching 200
                    Blacksmithing 186
                    Jewel Craft 187
                    Pottery 186
                    BREWING: 234

                    Halfling Cultural maker
                    PoP Armour Tailor

                    Munwin Mistwalker
                    High Priest of Bristlbane
                    Tritons Bastard Child
                    Proud Wearer of the loot no one wanted
                    Slayer of Emperors
                    Triton of Povar (Retired)
                    THE Original Halfling Cleric
                    GM Tailor/Brewer/Smith

                    People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf


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                      Tailoring (250)

                      Roaddah - 250 brewing

                      Elsah - 219 baking

                      All skills listed above are *without* geerlock

                      Lelienea Fyrestorme
                      High Elf Magician


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                        Nothing spectacular, but...

                        204 Fletching
                        190 Tailoring
                        184 Jewelcraft
                        163 Brewing
                        158 Fishing
                        144 Pottery
                        126 Smithing

                        Have a level 30 druid (tunare) for Emerald Imbues also.


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                          Not fantastic, but getting there

                          137 Baking
                          170 Brewing
                          176 Fletching
                          164 Jewelcrafting
                          177 Pottery
                          92 Smithing
                          162 Tailoring
                          200 Fishing



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                            Mikel Morbidus

                            Level 63 human shadowknight

                            Brewing 153
                            Smithing 222+15%

                            edited by lilosh to include a later update


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                              My current skill ranks.

                              Tailoring: 250
                              Baking: 250
                              Blacksmithing: 215
                              Brewing: 250
                              Fletching: 250
                              Jewel Crafting: 250
                              Pottery: 250

                              Updating as I slowly progress to 1750
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                              Tradeskill Fanatic