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    I have been working on all trade skills and have my pockets are getting very empty. So I am starting to do combines for people who need. At this time the only 250+ combines I will attempt is smithing but I can make just about anything that requires 221 skill.

    My skills are as follow:

    250 JC
    248 Brewing
    234 Smithing + 15% mod (250+ skill)
    231 Baking
    223 Pottery
    205 Tailoring
    200 Fletching
    200 Fishing

    ** I am able to get a geerlock for all skills listed.

    Most common things I am asked to make is all tempers, ethreal sheets, ethreal rings, bow strings (never failed a combine yet), CT armor, High Elf cultural armor, most stat food and drink.

    If you are looking for a quick combine or a specific item please contact me in game.
    Jascenta Poolali
    65th High Elf Cleric

    My Trades:
    250 Jewlcraft
    250 Brewing
    236 Smithing
    237 Baking
    224 Tailoring
    223 Pottery
    220 Fletching