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Seeking Cleric of Prexus & Enchanter

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  • Seeking Cleric of Prexus & Enchanter

    Well met

    I am looking for an Enchanter to make some Vials of Purified Mana, for the Imbued Steelsilk Prexus armour.
    I have the necessary components & will also pay you for your time.

    I am also looking for a Cleric of Prexus *he said optimistically...* to Imbue the Black Pearl.
    I have the Spell should you not & will also reward you in kind for your blessings.


    ((I play on GMT but would be willing to throw a nights sleep should it prove to be the only solution)).

    Roll on, thou deep and dark blue Ocean -- roll!
    Ten thousand fleets sweep over thee in vain;
    Man marks the earth with ruin -- his control
    Stops with the shore.