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  • Greetings Firiona Vie

    Greetings citizens of Firiona Vie

    I just wanted to put a message up with the list of services I offer...

    I am willing to do high end Pottery or Smithing combines (am max skill in both modded... I am able to do the Human Cultural) for donations, or any extra component pieces.

    Please note, that I do require any subcombines that you can do to be completed beforehand, and have everything ready at the agreed upon meeting time.

    I also am close friends {OOC: Ok, she's my alt} with a Halfling tailor (named Thesbe) of 232 skill whom offers the same deal as I (except on Leatherfoot Harvestsacks, which she seems to request two stacks of the "Tuft of Dire Wolf fur", for personal use, per success). She has been lucky enough to only fail 1 in 10 at her current skill.
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    Jessaemyn Sunweaver
    Human Enchantress
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    242 (+5%) Pottery -=- 231 (+15%) Smithing -=- 195 (+5%) Research
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