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  • Faithstone of Nature

    Hello everyone,i know this is not the right place to post these kind of posts,but i'm kinda desperate here )

    I have been looking for potter who can make Faithstone of Nature,for like 3 weeks now,and still no luck.Highest potter i have found was like 250skill.

    Even though there is like 5 kinds of faithstones for sale in bazaar,no 300+potters responded.

    I have all the items needed to make one and fire it.Please if you can help,respond/mail me in game please.I will pay nice for your time.

    My name is Nanomage (56 cleric),i play on Fenin Ro server.

    Thanks in advance,i hope someone will reply )

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    wish i could help ya out not 300 but i can make them fairly easy with a 270ish skill. so do not be afraid to give lower skills and chance. I play on the prexus server so cant help ya out there.


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      I made lots of them once I was past 200 skill. Yes, there might be failures but no more than 1 or 2 till a success. The parts needed for the wheel combine are not so hard to get. Once thats a success the kiln combine using the glaze should work at first try.

      I am still making those whenever I see a CLR or SHM without one. I am on Vazaelle, so I can't combine it for you either.

      Mitsune Foxfire, Vazaelle
      Me, a rogue? Oh no, I am just a tourist, walking by.