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Now with added Torvonnilous goodness

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  • Now with added Torvonnilous goodness

    Due the merge of the Torvonnilous server with Fennin Ro, I've moved over all of the posts from the Torv forum to this one. If y'all want any stickies added please feel free to PM me with your request.
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    Any Elegant Wirewood makers out there?

    Looks like someone should dust off these forums (fora?)

    With the hot demand for new cultural armor on Fennin Ro, you makers could probably increase business dramatically by listing yoursleves somewhere, like here.

    I'd certainly buy (at the right price, of course) some elegant wirewood armor if I could find it.


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      i guess i really need to get on my crafting...

      hopefully soon ill be able to set up shop.