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  • Dealers of Erollisi Marr

    //I decided not to copy over the old site's listings, as I have a suspicion that many of them are out of date, and instead am starting anew.

    Okay, if the trade folks form, I want to know if the suppliers (like me) can get a nice long listing of every random yahoo who wants to buy stuff to smith, tailor, potter, brew, bake, etc etc etc with.

    Also, going to list what I supply, and hopefull all the others. would add to here. Not quite the cartel that the manufacturers have forming, but more like a trade listing, making it easier to buy and sell. Think Wall Street Commodities Trading, only without a Special Prosecutor investigating your dealings in Armor Futures.

    Currently harvesting/producing:

    "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
    ~Winston Churchill

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    Constantly seeking:
    Essence of Sunlight (high priority item for me)
    Blue Diamonds
    Leather Paddings

    hrm.. not much else I need at this time, though any high-end human smithing components would be nice.


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      I'm always looking for anything used in PoP Baking recipes.

      The biggest item I need: HERO PARTS
      Naeen Speedbringer
      57th Druid of Tunare
      Emarr Server


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        I need PoP pottery items:

        250pp each for:
        Alabaster Beak
        Emerald Color Mephit Scales
        Fiery Granite
        Foul Smelling Liquid
        Grallok Quartz
        Liquified Earth
        Living Coal
        Oil of a Frog
        Shattered Crystal
        Solidified Magma
        Stormrider Canine
        Stormwatcher Stone

        1000pp each for:
        Alkaline Etched Stone
        Putrescent Blood
        War Wraith Blood
        Metallic Liquid
        Fire/Earth/Air/Water Mephit Blood

        68 Storm Warden of Tunare
        Erollisi Marr


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          itty bitty tinker drops

          Always seeking:

          Coiled springs (PoI)
          Clockwork Carapace (PoI)
          Steel Ball Bearings (PoI)
          Haze Panther eyes (WL)
          Sifae Dust (WL)
          Faun Hooves (WL)
          Glob of Tar (WL)
          Holgresh Wing( WL)
          Block of Living Granite (WL)
          Holgresh Fur (WL)

          Will pay for the convenience:

          Folded metal sheets (regular quality)
          Metal Bits

          Willing to pay or trade for tinkered goods. Look me up in game as Wenjii or email me [email protected] You can always find me at


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            Foraged Items

            EDIT: No longer taking orders for foraged items, except from existing patrons. Just don't have the extra time.


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              edit: no longer keep stock on the things i was making
              Last edited by Lixivia; 08-05-2003, 05:39 AM.
              300 Baker , *300 Brewer , 300 Tailor , 300 Smith , 300 Potter , 300 Jeweler , 286 Fletcher .


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                Always willing to fill orders for enchanted metals (jewelcraft AND smithing), mana vials, and enchanted clay. All in any amounts. I don't tend ot leave a trader up all the time, but send a tell.
                Master Iannyen Sparklybitz
                Coercer of 65 Dissapointing Illusions
                Bearer of the Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl

                Tradeskills were once displayed here


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                  Lichenclover foraged in Firiona Vie & Frontier Mountains

                  Sylvan Berries foraged in Lesser Faydark

                  Paying 15pp per

                  62 High Elf Tunare Cleric
                  Officer of the Raenore

                  Baking 139 - Fishing 190 - Tailoring 158 -
                  Smithing 35 - Fletchin 190 - Brewing 135 -
                  Jewelcraft 110 - Pottery 175


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                    Ice Cream Churn

                    /WTB Ice Cream Churn.. PST
                    Miiru Xyliana
                    GM Baker *300+*
                    EMarr Server

                    Miiru on Magelo