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Tradeskill List -- Roll Call ** Updated 07/19/2003 **

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    Been awhile...

    Baking 250 (have trophy)
    Brewing 248 (have trophy)
    Jewellery 200
    Fletching 200
    Pottery 199
    Smithing 188
    Tailoring 184


    Fishing 200
    Begging 200! now gimmah a dollar!
    Foraging 200

    Have geerloks for everything, i think...if not, i can get them. Always willing to do combines for free...just bring me the stuff and I'll do the clicking.
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    Mena Fizzlethorpe, Archon of Bristlebane
    Elder Naila Fizzlethorpe, Storm Warden of Karana, retired (kinda sorta)
    Real women DO play EQ
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      (No) Update: Wed 08/11/2004

      Just bumping my lists, Aug 11th. Marking them
      as officially updated today even though the date is the only change.

      Nobody does tradeskills any more, or at least nobody mentions it.
      It must be the new zen thing, done quietly and privately.
      temperance the elf
      a bard on Erollisi Marr


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        Update - More?

        Temperance (ELF,BRD)
        ... 221 Smith

        Apoth (GNM,CLR)
        ... 187 Tinker

        ** Update Tue 12/21/2004 **
        Graeme, Naila, Temperance and Apoth
        are the only changes in 5+ month.


        If GuildMagic were still in operation
        ( major rewrite is taking far too long, and
        the owners are not talking on the forum )
        I would quickly recommend that people use
        them to maintain personal skill listings,
        but she's not an option ATM, so I shall
        keep coming back to seek further updates.

        Do people still care about these lists,
        or do they simply
        /gu any 250 XXXXXers online?

        TemperanceEM (AIM,Y!)
        temperance the elf
        a bard on Erollisi Marr


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          Um... not sure if anyone checks this anymore, but here goes
          Human Follower of Karana (which means I can do Karana-specific stuff)
          223 Fletching + 5% Skill Mod
          (thats all that really matters, The other stuff is all below 150, and you can always find someone online that has better)
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          Cenebi Swiftarrow
          Ranger of the 50th level
          Master Fletcher (202) Master Smith (158)


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            Been a while

            Afferon Oakmist Half elf Warrior lvl 67
            Brewing 263 actual and Trophy
            Pottery 148
            Flecthing 198

            Fizzlefud Tinkersmite Gnome Chanter lvl 37
            Jewel Craft 206 actual and 5% mod
            Tinkering 168 actual and 2% mod


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              All skills 250 + 5% mod on trophey except for baking 265 and brewing 265 and my posion is 300 + 5% mod on my grandmaster assassin vial - All posion AA's done as well - working on Salvage. Also am 200 Research on my Wiz + 5% mod.
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              [70 Nemesis (Rogue)] Mistress Assassin Cariana Veterator < Crimson Eternity > Zone : Anguish
              [70 Arcanist (Wizard)] Expert Artisan Blazynice Fyre`Moriquessir < Crimson Eternity >*RETIRED*


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                Sygn, 70 Enchanter, Legion of Fate on Erollisi Marr
                - Tradeskills
                Jewelcraft 262 (+5% trophy)
                Smithing 220
                Tailoring 206
                Fletching 202
                Brewing 192
                Baking 191
                Pottery 179
                - Other
                Research 211
                Fishing 200
                - Tradeskill AA
                Salvage 3
                Jewelcraft Mastery 3
                Blacksmithing Mastery 3

                If your not going to do it right, why do it at all? Sygn, Legion of Fate, Erollisi Marr
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                  Proud owner of Mechawetsleey
                  Tinkering (300)


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                    300 Baking
                    300 Brewing
                    300 Jewelery
                    300 Pottery
                    300 Smithing
                    300 Tailoring
                    282 Fletching

                    Salvage 3
                    Smithing Mastery 3

                    Willing to do combines for DoN Human Grandmaster armor, both smithing and tailoring, for a modest fee. Please contact me in game.



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                      Fishing 200
                      Baking 271
                      Tailoring 250
                      Blacksmithing 275
                      Fletching 266
                      Brewing 264
                      Jewellery 252
                      Pottery 230

                      With Master level trophies for all but pottery (working on it).


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                        It's not clear how much people check this resource, which of course means people are less inclined to post, which means there's less reason to check, etc. But in a possibly vain attempt to reverse the downward spiral, I'll add my current numbers (a melange across 4 characters). All levels include current trophy/geerlok bonuses:

                        284 baking
                        336 brewing
                        206 fishing
                        210 fletching
                        195 jewelcraft
                        210 pottery
                        197 smithing
                        272 spell research
                        272 tailoring (halfling cultural at Master's level)
                        196 tinkering

                        Send me a PM here or an in-game email if you'd like to commission something. I'm especially interested in orders for spells at levels 62-68 so I can try for research skillups. My wizard has a well-stocked laboratory for making most of the new-style spells.


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                          Hello I'm a Woodelf/Tunare Ranger my skills are:

                          Baking 285 /+8&#37; trophy
                          Blacksmith 300/+10% trophy
                          Brewing 300 /+10% trophy
                          Fishing 200
                          Fletching 300/+15% trophy
                          Jewelcraft 299/+8% trophy
                          Pottery 287/+8%trophy
                          Tailoring 294/+8% trophy

                          I will make any culture armor and in the process of completeing the culture symbol quest upto GM level.

                          If you need anything made and have the ingrediantes give me a tell in game Grizlycub or leave a message with my traders Digglex/Drundaur.