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An actual post in this forum???

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  • An actual post in this forum???

    So... several things to post about:

    (1) This forum really is too quiet... or maybe I should stop checking in twice a day...

    (2) Just a random "Thanks so much!" to Temperance for her keeping a list of Erollisi Marr tradeskillers and skills, and to Fyste for moderating this forum!

    (3) Buying othmir fur -- 150pp each
    I'm working on getting my tailoring 226-250, last tradeskill to go, then I make a gnome. I'll take any advice people would like to give, but 320pp a combine seems to be good for buying components. I'm farming othmir fur, but I'm also trying to speed things up with money I've saved for 2 years.

    Back to farming stuff!