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Coalition of Tradeskillers on Tarew Marr

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  • Coalition of Tradeskillers on Tarew Marr

    The idea behind this thread is that we tradeskillers should be able to help each other out with providing services.

    For any tradeskiller who posts on this thread, I will provide the following services:[list]Enchantment of clay, steel, brellium, adamantite, and mithril large bricks
    Enchantment of silver, electrum, gold, platinum, and velium bars
    Vials of Mana of all types
    Imbues of Sapphire (Innoruuk), Jade (Rallos Zek), and Emerald (Tunare)
    INT/WIS/CHA buffs
    STR/DEX buffs
    Clarity or Clarity II - I do NOT have KEI (yet)
    Brewing of Heady Kiolas - average 1 failure per stack
    Combines on Leather Padding - average 1 failure per stack[/list:u]
    CURRENT SKILLS (across multiple alts)[list]215 Smithing (dark-elf)
    122 Smithing (high elf)
    130 Brewing
    142 Baking
    89 Tailoring
    83 Fletching
    107 Pottery
    250 Jewelcraft[/list:u]
    TERMS:[list]Arrangements to be made in advance, as different services require different alts.
    You provide all ingredients.
    I reserve the right to limit services provided in one sitting.[/list:u]

    Arrangements can be made by posting in this forum (put my name in the thread subject), or speaking to me in-game.

    EDIT: Added a few things
    Doomspark DeathfireAristophanesAziron XeosBristlethorpe Fizzlebane
    Cariadoc FrostvenomCorsyr GlanmilwrEmberarto Tailchaser Fivefingered Discount
    Grimhand BarehandedHushfoot GwynblaiddMadrel MagiusRaum Ravenwalk
    Stainless BannerTarkas JeddakTandaar AshkevronTickles Fishery
    Tinder FlashfireTristaar ValmontVithaar AshkevronWanderblade Axegrinder
    Yesterday Timebender Zendaar Tir'Astoroph Wguren Wolfbane

    ... all on The Rathe

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    My Alchemy skill is currently 175.
    Baking currently 191 & due to rise within the week (soon as I have time to do some baking).
    Can also imbue Ivory (Tribunal).

    Will gladly do combines if you provide materials, or will make items for you at cost if they are vendor-bought components.
    Shanelle Heartogold
    Witchdoctor of 62 winters
    Tarew Marr


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      As Aikirrea, free combines on non trivial items (excluding skills I'm 250 on, of course), donations for trivial items & 251+ items (on skills I'm capped in) if you provide all components, depending on item and quantity..

      Fletching 250
      Brewing 250
      Tailoring 216
      Smithing 213 (+ 15% mod, moderate success rate on cultural)
      Jewelcraft 250
      Baking 226
      Pottery 200 (250 on Caiser)
      Grishnar Dragonbane - 80 Armorer/Assassin & 400 Transmuter
      Beldimar - 80 Alchemist & 400 Tinker
      Gorthag - 80 Sage
      Bigsmot Thincktanck - 80 Jeweler
      Beldain Bladeforger - 80 Weaponsmith/ 75 Berserker & 400 Tinker
      Talmar - 80 Carpenter
      Beldar - 80 Provisioner
      Grishnark - 80 Tailor
      Bellimar - 80 Woodworker

      Enlightened Dark


      Gorthag Bashinfletcher
      Head Ogre Fletcher of Norrath
      Township Rebellion


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        JC-196 (Arroyo- need to work on that eventually)


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          189 skill Dwarven Smith here, 179 fisher... and good enough skill on tailoring to make leather padding

          Can imbue rubies as well.

          Will make any old style dwarven cultural pieces if all supplies are brought to me (includes enchanted brellium).

          Will be bugging you shortly Doomspark when I get some money, I got lots and lots of tempers, but no enchanted brellium
 Quotison Iachwer
          Archon of Brell
          192 JC
          189 Smithing
          185 Brewing
          179 Fishing
          175 Fletching
          162 Baking
          159 Tailoring
          135 Pottery
          http://www.sanctusarcanum.orgSanctus Arcanum
          Tarew Marr


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            Just wanted to say hi to everyone. /wave
            I would like to offer more of the same...

            Pottery 250 (on alt char)
            Jewelry 250 (on alt char)
            Smithing 250 (High Elven)
            all other skills 200...
            Ayisha Love
            56 Cleric of Oathsworn
            Tarew Marr


            • #7
              Blacksmith 228 human 197 Iksar
              Brewing 195
              and other skills at lesser lvls
              Caval Ap`Cadros


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                see sig



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                  My tradeskills are as follows, all on the same toon.

                  248 Pottery (those last 2 points will come sometime.)
                  216 Fletching
                  200 Brewing
                  200 Baking
                  200 Fishing
                  179 Blacksmithing
                  174 Tayloring

                  Looking for a 250 Taylor to do a POP combine for me!!


                  • #10
                    Hi Doom,

                    It's Jin Dropped out of the game for a while. Do you need any tinkered items? I need a bunch of emeralds imbued for robes. Send me a tell in game.

                    tradesgnome of the granite war machine
                    Tradesgnome of the Granite War Machine


                    • #11
                      200 JC
                      200 fletching
                      195 iksar smith (currently doing shadowscream, gearing for 250 on that one)
                      190 baking
                      190 brewing
                      100 tailoring
                      140 pottery

                      Going mostly by memory... Also have access to a 225 baker and a 210 alchemist.

                      Doing free combines on mostly anything you want me to try...


                      • #12
                        228 Halfling Tailor

                        Free Combines on all that's not trivial.


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                          Where are the Tinkerers?????

                          Are there any GM tinkerers in this server?


                          • #14
                            Qizar is a GM tinker. Good guy, fair prices.


                            • #15
                              Galfard is a 250 tinkerer as well.

                              Duke Iustus
                              Lord Protector of Marr
                              Grand Craftsman
                              Tarew Marr