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    The Marketplace is for the selling and purchasing of anything tradeskill related including trading services. Thanks. - Cantatus

    An in-game dwarf smith friend of mine hasn't been playing much at all recently and I've been holding on to materials for some brellium chain combines for my berserker.

    I'm a 230 High elf smith willing to trade cultural combines with a dwarf smith. Or if someone wants to do the combines just for the chance of a skillup, I'd be willing to do that too.

    I'm on brell server.

    I have
    20xenchanted large bricks of brellium
    20xvelium rings
    20xearthen tempers
    20xcelestial tempers

    I'm going to do Tae Ew for some, but Brellium has better AC/HP on some pieces. He's level 41 now, and Brellium has a recommended (not required) level.

    I want:

    You get to keep anything left over after I get my four pieces of armor.

    Also thought this info might be useful to other dwarf smiths looking for stuff to make for sale.

    Edit: I'd like you to be in the 240's after you geerlok kicks in. If you're close we can talk about it.
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    Active dwarf smith... again.

    Hiya everyone. Setting my shingle outside my door, dwarf smith taking orders Skill at 274 (238 plus 15perc). Making all Underfoot, Brellium, and Mischievous plate armor and everything below it on the cultural tree.

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