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WTB Nest Dragon Meat

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  • WTB Nest Dragon Meat

    I'm not sure if this goes in this forum but here goes:

    I'm looking to purchase some Nest Dragon Meat so I can make the final recipe for my Expert Bakers Trophy.

    Thank you.

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    pretty sure that uses nest Drake meat, not nest Dragon meat.
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      This site offers two different recipes for Beer-Battered Nest Dragon Soup, which is what I need to get the expert trophy. I can't post links because I don't have enough posts but if you do a search you will find them.

      Slightly different stats for each but I believe she will take either for that part of the task. Trouble is they both specifically ask for Nest DRAGON meat not nest drake meat. Nest dragon meat drops off named DoN dragons which makes it very rare to come by being a raid encounter...

      Has anyone made these with nest drake meat as well?