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Master Artisan on Bristlebane

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  • Master Artisan on Bristlebane

    Master Artisan services available on Bristlebane.
    345 smithing, 336 in all other skills, 1853 AA's (maxed)
    Grandmaster Smith and Tailoring for Wood Elves and GM smithing for Drakkins also available. I am here to help people and not exploit them for plat, I work with everyone and am very fair on any pricing for combines. Please feel free to contact me at anytime as I pretty much live in EQ.
    Thankyou for taking the time to view this, Master Artisan Jericanna Pendragon

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    I am a Gnomish Master Artisan, plus Master Tinkerer.

    So 336 modified skill in all general tradeskills and Tinkering. I also have a modified skill of 292 in Spell Research.

    I have Salvage 3 that applies to all trades, as well as :

    Tinkering Mastery 3
    Tailoring Mastery 1
    Spell Research Mastery 3