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Master Tradeskiller Services Available in a Limited Fashion

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  • Master Tradeskiller Services Available in a Limited Fashion

    Name: Bonzz

    Server: Bertox

    Skill Sets/AA's:

    New Tanaan Crating Mastery 6
    Salvage 6
    Baking Mastery 13 / Baking 350 / Max Trophy
    Brewing Mastery 13 / Brewing 350 / Max Trophy
    Fishing Mastery 8 / Fishing 225 / 5% Modifier
    Fletching Mastery 7 / Fletching 320 / Max Trophy
    Research 17 (Paladin) / Research 315 / Max Trophy
    Jewel Craft Mastery 7 / Jewelry Making 320 / Max Trophy
    Pottery Mastery 7 / Pottery 320 / Max Trophy
    Tailoring Mastery 7 / Tailoring 320 / Max Trophy
    Half Elf Cultural

    I can make all of the seals needed for the Artisan's Prize augmentation, for the above related skills. I also have alternate toons that can make the Alchemy and Poison seals as well, with the below conditions applying to those as well. Just understand that my Alchemist and Poison maker do not necessarily have max tradeskill related AA's, but they do have max trophies and a 300 skill.

    (I will update the above, as I work on the new TS AA's/Levels, when I think about it.)

    I will attempt to make anything you want, within my skill sets, under the the following conditions/understandings:

    1) Message me and inquire in-game FIRST!

    2) You supply 100% of the trade-able materials (ingredients). (I will NOT farm for you and I will NOT shop for you. I will NOT use my own materials/stocks for you.)

    3) For individual items, you will supply at least two (2) complete sets of the above (or more). If you are wanting a stack/count of items, supply at least enough materials for that stack/count plus five (5) more. (Even the best trade skillers can fail combines and recover nothing.) This applies to any and all sub-combines as well.

    4) Tools (smithy hammers, needles and the like) are NOT needed... UNLESS -- they are used up in said combine(s) or they may be an odd or rarely used tool that I may not have yet needed or acquired (this is unlikely, however).

    5) For Half Elf cultural combines, I will supply the No Trade items (patterns), since there is no way you can provide those.

    6) I will NOT do the combines at your convenience. I will do them at MY convenience. (I will not abandon my current activities, raid or group to come do your combine.) This means you can parcel the materials to me (once I have agreed to do the combine), along with a note as to EXACTLY what you want made. (Don't expect me to remember what you want.)

    7) If you are on-line when I get around to the combine, I will invite you to group and to come to PoK so you can see the combines as they happen (or fail). It will be your choice to come and watch, or not.

    8) If you are not on line or choose not to come, you will simply have to trust me. If I succeed, the item will be parceled to the toon that sent me the materials. Or I will hand it to you, if you are present. If I fail, you should see that. If you are not present, you will simply have to trust and accept that I failed. (No demands of a refund or demanding me to acquire the materials and do combines until I make what you want. I tried, it failed, that's the risks!) You can always give me another set of the materials for me to try again (and again...), understanding the success/fail risks remain the same. As for stacks/counts of items, I will send as many as I was able to make, with the materials you provided.

    9) Left over materials will be retained by me. (I will NOT send back left overs, no matter the rarity!)

    10) If you wish to donate after the fact, I will not turn it down. To be clear donations are optional! (Do NOT send me a donation BEFORE!)
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    Bonzz of Bertoxx

    Level 105 Paladin

    Tradeskill and achievement OCD Master.

    The truth is out there! The truth hurts! But the truth can set you free! All hail the Knights of Truth, servants of Mithaniel Marr the Truthbringer! (where no research is required)