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Twice Brewed Constitutionals (and other broken recipes)

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  • Twice Brewed Constitutionals (and other broken recipes)

    cannot be brewed on al'kabor to my knowledge. even with 220 smithing (hardly anyone has gotten there yet anyway) and 220 brewing i think you still need to be flagged as killing terris thul (what alla said) and since flagging is broken i doubt thatll happen soon. sad, sounds nice to carry a stack around that last twice as long as normal ones.

    any of this inaccurate?

    additionally i can brew constitutionals as well as any other high end drink available on our server. my tradeskills are below, usually charge about 2X price for brewed stuff.

    250 brewing, 200 fishing, 200 baking, 200 fletching, 190 pottery

    send tell to pazuzu or PM me on here or eqmac for trades, can do most solstice combines (less the tailoring, smithing, and star ruby steins which fail often).
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    From what I've experienced, the combines aren't tied to flags at all. Whether Aid Grimmel will give you the next part of the quest is.

    Are you trying to use the portable bew barrel the Grimmel gives you? It only works in a taanan brew barrel.