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  • The Rules!

    We don't like having to muck around with rules, much less enforcing them, but find it necessary to keep things friendly and productive here. These rules are for the sake of the community and for our mental health.

    Also, because this board is privately owned and operated, there are no First Amendment rights here. If we really wanted to, we could go around randomly deleting and editing posts. Of course we don't want to do that, but I say it to emphasize that we're not interested in overhauling how we do things to accomodate someone who just can't be bothered to work with us. (Also, because this board is privately owned, we end up being potentially responsible for what YOU say. Because of this we HAVE to delete some posts, and would be stupid not to.)

    If you find that our rules are simply unacceptable, you are left with the option of not posting. While we are willing to discuss legitimate concerns, these rules in general are not up for discussion. We will close down the site and the boards before making any changes that we feel would threaten the friendly and productive nature of this community.

    Here's a quick list of "the rules". Look below them for more detailed explanations:
    1. Keep it clean and flame-free.
    2. No personal attacks.
    3. Don't cross-post.
    4. Share your info or shush.
    5. Do not address questions to the devs directly - not even Ngreth.
    6. Ads and spam are not allowed and may get you banned.
    7. Sig tests are unwelcome (and totally unnecessary).
    8. Tradeskill item sales/trades go in the Marketplace. Account sales get banned.
    9. Info on exploits, cheats and macro crafting are not allowed.
    10. No politics, real world religious debate, strikes, walk-outs, stand-ins, or petitions.
    11. Cooperate with the moderators. If you have concerns about a moderation decision, take it to private messages with the moderator, or with me directly.

    1. Keep it clean and flame-free. We aim for an atmosphere comparable to a G or PG rating (according to the American movie rating system). That means no serious profanity, explicit sexuality, or violence. This includes not just text in posts but also signatures and personal photos. We do deliberately use a language filter to help catch the worst nastiness, and do not appreciate attempts to get around it.
    2. A personal attack is a derogatory comment directed at someone specific. You can discuss issues and opinions with specific people, but must stay respectful of everyone in the community, including SOE, and especially individual developers. That doesn't mean you have to agree with everyone; it just means you must be respectful of everyone, even when disagreeing. This is not as difficult as people seem to believe it is. Think of this as Niami's living room, where you are a guest along with everyone else who might read your post. If you can't be polite, you'll lose your right to visit. (And yes, this all applies to the Primal Scream forum as well as the rest of the board.) I shouldn't even have to say this, but repeated attacks on people or threats of real world harrassment or harm will earn a swift banning.
    3. A cross-post is a post made in more than one forum that says essentially the same thing. It clutters up the forums, chops up discussion of the topic, and is therefore quite impolite not just here but on any message board. If your question pertains to more than one tradeskill, use the General forum. We have very little patience with repeat offenders on this.
    4. This message board is all about pooling information regarding tradeskills. This means that everyone has a right to knowledge that is under discussion here. If you post: "I know the secret to such-and-such and I'm not telling", you WILL get slapped down. If you think you've got some new tradeskill item figured out other than the last step, and want help with it, post! Someone else might have the last bit of information/knowledge needed to solve the mystery. But if you want to sit on the information then you can keep sitting on it entirely until you're ready to share all the details. The rest of us share our toys in the sandbox, so you are expected to do the same.
    5. Yes, the SOE developers sometimes post here, especially Ngreth. They are part of the tradeskill community, and therefore are welcome here. However, they are no more obligated to reply to any particular questions than you are. You can post to ask the community whether anyone knows why something is, or whether there has been an update on an issue. The devs may choose to answer it, but you may also get an answer from another poster who has seen it somewhere else. If you have a question you absolutely want to ask SOE and SOE alone, then you can use the Everquest Live Official Forums, conveniently provided by SOE for that purpose. The exception to this, of course, is when replying to a post that Ngreth or another developer has made.
    6. Posting of advertisements for products or services from outside Everquest is not welcome here. If you have a tradeskill site that you think folks might find interesting, send me a private message and I'll let you know if it's alright to post. Any other advertisements, including in signatures, will be deleted. If it's for a site that's offensive according to any of the rules of content for these boards, the poster may also be banned. Sending advertisements in Private Messages is equally unwelcome.
    7. "Sig test" posts are those with no significant content that are made by people who just want to make a post to see how their signature looks. There is absolutely no point in this, since the signature interface on this board allows you to preview it. These posts will be deleted, and if we're feeling much provoked, may get you banned.
    8. No posting that you're buying or selling except in the Marketplace forums, and there only for tradeskill items, and NEVER for accounts or real world money. There are plenty of other places to buy and sell your phat lewt. Posts that are just outside the marketplace forum will get moved if the server is obvious, or else deleted. Posts for non-tradeskill items will get deleted. Posts in any way involving sale of accounts or payment with real world money will be deleted and the posters immediately banned, without exception. Services such as delivery services, in-game weddings, song creation and other such roleplaying type things that have traditionally been housed here on EQ Traders Corner are, however, still welcome.
    9. Do not advertise or discuss tradeskill macros or other cheats or exploits. We've worked very hard to develop a working relationship with SOE so that bugs can be addressed quickly, and we don't want it ruined by some d00ds who feel the need to exploit game mechanics and then brag about it. If you've found what you think is an exploit and want to get it fixed, please DO contact SOE directly about it. If it needs urgent flagging, you can also PM me and I'll help alert the appropriate folks. Once you've reported it, STOP using whatever cheat/exploit it is - we've known tradeskillers who've gotten banned from the game for using such things after they've reported them in as exploits.
    10. This is a tradeskill site and there are certain things we simply do NOT want in any way, shape or form, on this site. Real-world politics invites unwelcome flame wars, and will be summarily locked and the poster warned (or banned if it's a repeat offense). Discussion of real world religion ALWAYS ends up offending people without accomplishing anything at all. Strikes, stand-ins, walk-outs, sit-ins or whatever you want to call your newest protest against SOE aren't welcome here. Posts demanding such protest actions turn rapidly into flame fests and worse. Again, not welcome in the least. The same goes for petitions. Don't waste our bandwidth to rabble-rouse.
    11. This site is run by volunteer moderators who work VERY hard to try to make order from chaos. We understand that folks want their information and want it NOW, but the rules exist to help discussion take place productively, and to help us get information onto the site as efficiently as possible. Every time you ignore the posting instructions for the board, a forum, or a thread, we have to take time fixing your problem instead of improving the site. Believe it or not, we don't like having to police the forums around the clock. We'd FAR rather be actually working on updating the database right now, or {gasp} playing. If you have a concern about a moderation decision, you are welcome to send a private message to the moderator in question, or to myself. Attempting to restart locked threads or otherwise publicly undermine the authority of the moderators is an excellent way to get banned. We work far too hard to spend even more time catering to public hissy fits by folks who are unwilling to play by the rules.
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