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  • A Word about the Test Server

    Since the beginning of this site in April of 1999, we've had a policy about NOT posting recipes/drops that are found only on Test.

    The reasoning behind this is because it *is* the Test server. There is no way to ensure that things there will go live, or if they will change greatly before going live, etc. We don't want folks petitioning to GMs the day of a new patch because a recipe doesn't work the way "someone" on EQTraders Corner said it worked on Test. We also don't need hordes of folks on live servers coming back here and blasting us because they "spent days farming x, y, z because they heard it was part of a recipe on Test", only to find that the drop required in the live version of the recipe was something different. Been there, done that, won't repeat it.

    It's fine to discuss things that are only on Test, as long as they're publicly available on Test and not something that one of the SOE staff there asked you to test confidentially for them. But please make sure that you clearly indicate that it is only on Test.
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