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    These message boards are part of a larger website. Yep, that "" isn't just part of the logo, REALLY is a website!

    If you're a first time visitor to these boards, and you haven't yet visited the EQ Traders Corner website, it's strongly recommended that you visit the main site first. There's a TON of information there, including recipes, trade supply locations, etc. So, please, before you post to the boards asking "where can I find ..." or "what is the recipe for ...", look. It's likely that the answer is already there, on the site.

    Please also look there if you've come here because you've found a "broken" recipe on another site that you want to complain about. (Or if you have in your hands one of those very incorrect baking recipe books in-game, etc.) Have you looked at the recipes pages here? Is it also wrong on the EQTraders pages? If so, yes, post about it. But if you're using recipes from another website, and you've not checked THIS site, then do that before you tell me that such-and-such is broken.

    The number of folks who have come through here, and spammed me with email or spammed the boards regarding broken recipes they found on other sites is astounding ... for recipes that have been correctly listed on this website for many months. A lot of work goes into verifying the thousands of recipes on this site. If something is wrong with them, I need to know ... but please make sure something is wrong with them before you post.