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  • Regarding post moving, deleting, locking

    This message board gets tens of thousands of hits per day, hundreds of thousands around expansions and big patches. A HUGE number of new folks run daily through at high speed, wanting information and wanting it immediately, without bothering to stop a few moments and take a look around. When we were still only getting about 5,000 page hits a day, this amount of "post before you look" traffic was generating a certain level of frustration in long-term residents, and generated a more active moderation policy on this site. The influx of new recipes since then, especially on expansion or big patch days, forced us to the next level, with much more strict enforcement of the posted policies.

    My forum moderators and I will move, lock, delete posts as needed. This is not to be "thought police", but to try to keep the chaos to a minimum.

    If you can't find a post that you made, or you find it locked suddenly, check the following ...

    1. Did you make the post in the wrong forum? ... Did you ask about tailoring in the smithing section? (If so, check the tailoring forum.) Are you looking for a tradesperson on a specific server? (If so, check the Marketplace forum for that server.) Did you ask a general tradeskill question in the DenMother's Corner? (If so, it's in the General Tradeskill Questions Forum.)

    2. Did you just ask a question that's already covered a couple posts down? Please scan the first couple of pages of a forum before you post a question. It may be that the question has already been answered repeatedly.

    3. Did you "spam" the boards? If you posted the same post to more than one forum, we've likely locked it down. We don't like spam here.

    4. Did you try to sell phat lewt here? Or decide to scream filth all over the place? Ennhhh! Wrong answer. Don't go there. It's a quick way to get you banned.

    5. Did you decide that this was your personal place to rant at Sony and/or the developers? Sorry, this site is not under their control. We really don't want to hear it. While many of us get a tad depressed, frustrated with tradeskills, the game, etc., this isn't the Whineplay forums. A bit of kvetching is understood. Using this as a soapbox to scream, rant and rave will not be so well-appreciated.

    6. Did you decide that the data only forum was your personal spot to ask questions, make comments, etc.? Every time folks do that it slows down the process of getting data onto the website where EVERYONE can find it. That forum is meant as a spot where the site admin and the moderators can easily grab the encapsulated reports of verified recipes, stats or trivials and get them processed for inclusion on the website WITHOUT having to page through 20-30 responses of "chatter". While the chatter may be important/relevant to you, it belongs in another forum, where it does not interfere with the timely webbing of the information.

    7. Did you decide to take a moderator to task for enforcing site rules? Don't go there, k? These are NOT the VNboards, or the PvP boards, or any other free-for-all message boards. These boards *are* actively moderated, and while the website itself is available to all and sundry, we will ban folks from posting to the boards if they can't respect house rules.

    It is definitely a question of respect. If you cannot respect house rules, or if you cannot be bothered to actually look around and read a little before opening your mouth, then you should not expect the moderators, or I, to respect your self-perceived right to be heard here.

    You're guests. We love to have guests contribute to the knowledge pool and to the community. What we don't love are folks who demand to be hand-fed every last bit of information, or who believe it is their "right" to do whatever they please in these forums with no respect for others.
    Last edited by Verdandi; 01-13-2005, 12:26 PM.