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Shawl 2.0 Pre-Loot List

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  • Shawl 2.0 Pre-Loot List

    I made a list for myself of the things that can be collected ahead of time for each step. Mainly I did it because I plan on purchasing some of the new Draughts of the Craftsman from the Marketplace, and since it has a timer (albeit 2 hours), I wanted to minimize the time I spent running around.

    Shawl 1:

    1x Brell's Bounty
    1x Jug of Sauces
    6x Spices
    1x Essence of Steam
    1x Water Flask
    4x Snow Griffin Egg
    4x Caveflower Pollen (lore item)
    4x Neutralized Goo Acid
    3x Intact Cliknar Claw
    1x 2x Brewed 2x Stout Dwarven Ale
    2x Garlic
    2x Vegetable Oil
    1x Horse Meat
    1x Minotaur Meat
    2x Brown Gravy
    1x Vegetables
    1x Clockwork Balance Gear
    1x Organic Clockwork Oil

    Mixing Bowl
    Filleting Knife
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    Shawl 2:

    5x Vodka

    Shawl 3:

    Sewing Kit

    Shawl 4:

    2x Barley
    1x Blessed Water of Brell Serilis
    1x Bottle
    2x Brell's Bounty
    1x Cork
    2x Cosgrove Powder
    2x Malt
    1x Quinine
    2x Yeast
    1x Cask
    1x Hops

    Brew Barrell (or Collapsed Distillery)

    Shawl 5:

    Nothing to pre-collect

    Shawl 6:

    5x Essence of Reason
    5x Essence of Will
    5x Essence of Passion
    5x Essence of Substance
    5x Essence of Instinct
    5x Essence of Vitality
    5x Essence of Chaos
    (These are task steps, but they can be pre-looted, according to Allah's)
    7x Mercury
    8x Cosgrove powder (one for the Enchanted Cosgrite Bar)
    1x Platinum bar
    1x Gnomish Heat Source

    Oval Cut Tool
    Jewler's Glass
    Reinforced Jeweler's Kit

    Shawl 7:

    3x Pot (each are consumed on the combine)
    2x Soda
    2x Jar od Acid
    1x Fine Sand
    1x Water Flask
    1x Class 5 Mana Battery
    1x Gnomish Heat Source
    1x Scale ore
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      Shawl 6:
      7x Jewler's Glass (May only need one, I'm unsure if you get it back on success or failure)
      Jeweler's Glass is a tool just like your cutting tool. Returned on success or failure every time.

      Shawl 7 requires 3 pots. You need 2 silver and 1 copper so you also would need more of the components listed but it I can't recall off the top of my head which is for which combine.
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        Thanks, fixed

        (was confusing the Jewelers Glass with something else)