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Help with fletching please!

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  • Help with fletching please!

    I am currently at 283 fletching as an iksar monk. I want to get it to 300, but would prefer not having to spend ridiculous hours of farming uncommon to rare drops to have enough materials. Looking through the TS guides, it seems like the best bet for me is to make the Glowing Energaic Bows, but they're ridiculously expensive to gather the materials. Does anyone have any suggestions on items that trivial at 300+ that I could use to skill up that aren't listed under the quick trivial list? I saw something about elaborate and elegant recurve bows but haven't been able to find any recipes or information about them.

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    Treant bows, farming in loping plains (hotzone atm) or farming in Blightfire Moors.

    Another option, but probably more expensive, is the "cultural" bows. They use the silks from cultural armor as well as I think some spinneret fluids to make bow strings and then bows. These run all the way up to 500 trivials at the stalwart level so I am sure there are some in the 300-350 range that could potentially be viable if you can get the drops. Also would be the reaching symbols of various levels, again would need the cultural drops.

    Elemental bows are the old tried and true method but again lots of farming, some tinkering combines needed, but sell great for tribute, 50k tribute for a water bow.

    All I can suggest is to just keep plugging away at it.

    Will see if I can find my notes about the "cultural" bows and post it here so it can be added.
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      I don't mind farming in LP since I'm getting about 10 AA per lesosns in there.. didn't think about the fact that treants are there. I also have a crapton of different silks (flawless, exquisite, etc) that I could use to make the newer bows, but don't know where to find the recipes..

      Didn't realize I posted this in the wrong forum sorry!


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        This is not the wrong forum. This is a discussion on anything UF tradeskill related.

        The threads got posted in the submissions section (and added) that use 2 silks + a clump of wax.

        The bows have not been added and those are the recipes I am trying to track down.

        Something like Stalwart Bow is going to be:
        Exquisite Sandpaper (vendor)
        Stalwart Bow Staff (crafted)
        Immaculate Spinneret Fluid (drop)
        Immaculate Bow String (crafted)
        Recurve Bow Diagram (vendor)
        Planing Tool (vendor, returned)

        I think is the correct setup, just change the Immaculate to match the proper level of weapon you are wanting to make. I ran across the sandpaper and the bow diagrams the other day and they are actually a 0 cost item so its almost all dropped components.
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          I just added all the bows and their recipes to EQTC (Ornate, Intricate, Inured, Elaborate, Elegant and Stalwart). You need to scribe a scroll that is purchased from 'a tradeskill armor historian' in the Plane of Knowledge by the entrance to the library at -80.96, 738.12, 4.70 in order to do the combines.

          However, I might suggest Energiac bows as a more reasonable skill up path...farming sunshard ore should be easier than farming spinnerets. Or you could try Desiccated Treant Compound Bows.
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            Look up "Treant Laminated Recurve Bow" recipes.
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