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Looking for compiled UF tradeskill info....

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  • Looking for compiled UF tradeskill info....

    Hiya all-
    Have just returned from an EQ break & Underfoot sneaked up on me. So, of course, I'm excited to check out all the new tradeskill stuff. However... there doesn't seem to be a section of EQtraders for Underfoot-related things. The only way I've been able to figure out how to locate the recipes is to look at the quick trivial lists & scroll down until I find something I don't recognize. Am I missing some type of reorganization? I know the recipes are out there - UF has been out a while now. But, I'm unable to find them in a convenient way. Any pointers?

    Thanks - O

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    Originally posted by Selina
    I decided to start an Ace compilation. It is inspired by Caith's UI. This is a very minimalist UI, but at the same time fairly informative. Great for any class really, although I play a rogue. Anyways, screenshots and DL link is below. Any comments are appreciated.
    Oh, thanks for the response. That sounds like it could be helpful. I'd definately take a look, but the link & screenshots don't seem to be here, unless I'm missing it somewhere in the promotional links you have there. Could you repost or point me in the right direction?

    Thanks - O


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      That was a spammer bot posting under several threads.

      As far as a compilation of UF tradeskills...

      Cultural Armor:
      Stalwart Armor - smith/tailor/tinker
      Venerable Symbols (slot 16) - smith/tailor/tinker
      Cosgrove and Cosgrove Soloist Seals (slot 17) - pottery

      Cosgrite metal for new jewelry base metal and Extruded underfoot diamonds for new gem for jewelry.

      Brells Bounty - new base "meat" to use in the recipe setup established in GoD (bbq, beer braised, beer battered, kebobs, etc.)
      Also used in some new drinks.

      Cosgrove Powder - expansion wide rare drop used in many new recipes. Similar to CRD in its rarity and its frequency of use in recipes.

      Spell Research - TBS era spells unlocked.

      Ranged "cultural" weapons and symbols, JC and fletching combines... similar to the crafted weapons that use the same naming system as cultural armor sets.

      I am sure that I missed something along the way but that is most of the general areas. There may be a few other recipes here and there that also exist but hope this gives you an overview. Use the search feature for either the common items or for sets of items and should be able to find some things. As always, posting questions here will generally get a response that will help point you in the right direction.
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        Originally posted by Aldier View Post
        That was a spammer bot posting under several threads.

        As far as a compilation of UF tradeskills...
        Thanks very much. That's a great little summary & narrows down what I need to be looking at. I was mostly wondering about "weird" little recipes that didn't fit anywhere, but sounds like this time around there's a pretty strong pattern. So I think I should be able to get a handle on all of it.

        Thanks - O


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          Check around in PoK or in Brell's Rest (clockwork merchant up near the gatekeeper) and you should be able to find the in game sources of most all of the recipes.
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          Master Artisan Aldier on Cazic Thule


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            An upgrade quest line for the Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl was introduced. To start the Coldain Shawl 2.0, you need to be level 85, have the original shawl, have Tier 8 UF access progression and finally have Baking at a skill of 300.
            Gaze, 100 Enchanter, The Nameless

            Jeweler 300 7/7 M3
            Brewer 300 7/7 M3
            Baker 300 7/7 M3
            Potter 300 7/7 M3
            Fletcher 300 7/7 M3
            Tailor 300 7/7 M3
            Blacksmith 300 7/7 M3
            Researcher 300 7/7 M3
            Tinkerer 300 7/7 M3
            Fisher 200
            Beggar 500