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Plate Cosgrove Sleeve Seal of the Warchief

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  • Plate Cosgrove Sleeve Seal of the Warchief

    Just picked up a Crystallized ball of Cosgrove Clay on Flippy earlier tonight and was told if I do a combine in an AoAA I can increase stats and add a focus to the augment but I've found no info on what that combine entails. Looking for any info on what is needed beyond the clay and AoAA if anyone has it. Am after the arms cleave focus specifically listed in the subject line but if you can give me info on pretty much any raid focus I should be able to work out any differences needed.

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    You will need a mechanoinstruction. It is the research combine same as any of the previous cultural seal raid augs. If I recall, Cleave is Disuniting mechanotablet...Disuniting Mechanoinstructions... That is combined in an AOAA with the ball of clay, a seal pattern, and I think you need a plate vambrace template to make the plate version, and you will need the lubricating goo.

    In AOAA:
    Lubricating goo
    Raid drop
    Seal/slot specific

    I am not 100% sure on this setup though with the armor template portion.
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      Sounds about right going by previous type 12 slot combines and I was thinking I'd need the Lub goo and Mechanoinstructions but wasnt sure... armor template is new but makes sense since the combine is suppose to restrict it to a specific slot....

      The seal sub combine though I'm a bit confused on because that was previously: Last Blood Steel, Last Blood Water, Platinum Bar(2), Seal Pattern, Vial of Purified Mana for the LB version. I've no clue about... if i had to guess it would be Vanadium in the place of the LB Steel but I havent seen anything similar to Vanadium water. Maybe it uses the Brimstone coal instead and I just over looked that on the merchant that normally carries the new TS combine stuff?


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        I think the cosgrove seal should be something like:
        Seal pattern
        vanadium ore
        plat bar x2
        cosgrove water
        vial of purified mana
        Chainmail template pattern (for slot).

        Found some notes I made, not sure when. Will try some out when I log in. This would make more sense... and edited my post above. So you will create a specific seal for the slot/armor type and then you have simply (seal+goo+instruction+raid drop)

        The database folks are still working on entering the data people are posting but there are still a LOT of recipes out there that have not been posted yet to our forums. Without player's submissions, our database team will not have the proper info to input.
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          Well was slightly off.

          Edited above post to reflect the change.

          You appear to create a Cosgrove <slot> seal. This is using the chainmail templates, smithed one using above recipe. Would assume tailored version swaps Plat thread for plat bars and 1 pelt or 2 silks for the ore.

          Item created was Cosgrove Wrist Seal.

          So if you put Cosgrove Wrist seal + goo + raid drop + mechanoinstruction... still not sure if you would then need a plate template mold as well.
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            In addition to using a plate template mold, you also need Metal Tempering Chemicals. Final combine (in Ambleshift's Opal Automated Amalgamator):

            -Crystallized Ball of Cosgrove Clay
            -Epicthieck's Lubricating Goo
            -Mechanoinstructions (choose based on the focus you desire)
            -Cosgrove Seal (corresponding to slot you desire)
            -Template Pattern/Mold (corresponding to armor type and slot you desire)
            -Metal Tempering Chemicals/Tanning Chemicals/Silk Curing Chemcials (corresponding to the armor type you desire)


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              Thanks for the info, can you also add any combines you made that are not in the database to the update section with trivials? Think the cosgrove seals and the final combines are the only ones that are new.
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                I wish I could, but I actually bought the Cosgrove Legging Seal in the bazaar. If you look on the Automated Clockwork Vendor (in Brell's Rest near Kernagir zone in) you will find a book that gives details on the Cosgrove Seals. I'm guessing you will find that info in that book.


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                  I made a Cosgrove wrist seal while experimenting around with them based on that book. The recipes should work, but the book does not provide trivials which is a key component people come here to find out.

                  Also, if the final combine can be submitted, we can potentially list those as well. The combine that results in the aug.
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