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Holes in Soloist Seals

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  • Holes in Soloist Seals

    Ok, some of these will probably be fixed in April with "group" level Seals, but really, there should be a few more options.

    1. A magic-resist focus for wrists, allowing casters to get their focus and not miss out on Faerune. Faerune hasn't really been on any items other than head since level...75? (Also, kudos to Ngreth for finally breaking the mold of "standard" slots in at least a couple cases this expansion. And serious kudos for giving non-standard armor appearances for the first time since...Omens, and for the first time in any quantity since Luclin.) This would also give certain classes better wrist options; wizards, for example.

    2. A Cosgrite Soloist Seal of Purity, or something similar--any visible slot, Purity 25, no focus or ability. Both glove options are useless for my Enchanter, and wasting a Spongy Loam for 25 Purity? Not likely.

    2b. As an alternate option, add Type 17 to existing Energaiac augments. Lots more work, but it might make more sense.
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