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Cosgrite vs. Dwerium

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  • Cosgrite vs. Dwerium

    So I auged up a compartmented cosgrite trio earing and compartmented dwerium trio earing, each with an opal, emerald, and square cut underfoot diamond.

    Each gave the same identical stats at level 85, 32AC, and 812 HEM.

    Is this right? Am I doing something wrong?

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    The script that determines the stats of cultured jewelry only works properly on one type (i.e. Dwerium, Compartmented Dwerium, Cosgrite, Compartmented Cosgrite). If you wear a mixed set, you will get the stats for only one type; I haven't determined if it is the first one or the last one. The script runs when you zone or log and sometimes when you equip the items.

    To compare items.
    Wear only one item and zone or relog.
    Record the stats.
    Wear the other item.
    Zone or relog.
    Compare stats.
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      oh, wow. I'm going to have to try this out and see what happens being that I have 4 pieces of jewelry atm on my wizie and cosgrite for one earing and dwerium for the rest. All auged identically.