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    Hi all, I've just come back to EQ today after a couple years' break, and was debating on weather or not to buy UF. I am a level 75 Ranger with fletching at 250 something, I have a rogue with 300 poison making, a warrior with 290 smithing, and an enchanter with 300 jc. Is there anything in the new expansion for someone at my level? Like new ts recipes, or better skill up paths for the trade skills i haven't leveled to 300? Or do i have to be 80-85 to benefit from the expansion? Any insight is appreciated, and thank you for your time


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    Higher level content

    Well I'm not sure what the last expansion you have is, but it might be worth it just to get caught up on all the expansions you may have missed.

    From a strictly tradeskill perspective you should have access to all recipes from the expansions. With the exception of the underfoot pottery water I think everything is tradeable, so you should be able to buy it in the bazaar so long as there is supply. I'm not terribly familiar with jewelcraft, so you might want to look up the recipes and make sure you can buy the metals in POK or Abysmal. From a tailoring/smithing perspective though all the drops are universal off level appropriate mobs and tradeable. If you want to farm materials then you might not be able to find high enough level mobs for the drops you want in older expansions. I know immaculate silks/pelts/spinnerets/marrow and their smithing counterparts seem to only drop in higher tier SoD content.

    I'd say play a while, see what you can make with just bazaar/POK/Abysmal available components, and if you find unavailable recipes you really want to be able to make or components you want to farm yourself then go ahead and buy underfoot.


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      If you're 2+ years gone, get UF, because you get all the other expansions you missed too. With smithing you can make the best crafted gear I've ever seen in a LONG time. Besides a few class-only focuses and effects, the Cultural is as good or better than the highest tier group gear you could get in the previous expansion. I've already upgraded every slot on my char to UF crafted and groupable gear and I've surpassed all my expectations.

      The only negative is, Req. 81 and Req.85 if you want focus effects.