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REQ LVL 85 on Soloist Seals!?

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  • REQ LVL 85 on Soloist Seals!?

    So the armor and the venerable augs are 81 req. 85 recom. But the soloist focii are 85 Req? I can wear the armor for 4 lvls but cant have a focus?

    Is this just an oversight?


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    Seriously, this is pi$$ing me off. Why aren't these augs in line with the gear they're for? The raid augs, Sure, req. 85... but the soloist? I mean I didn't even realize they were gonna be an issue until I auged my cultural helm with Faerune and it went all red on me.... That's when i saw it. Luckily I didnt aug my arms or legs. Now i've got cleave and fero 6 waiting on me and 3.4 levels to go before i can use em.

    This cannot be intentional to have the group cultural usable at 81 but only without the focus effects. Who would use it pre-85 then?


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      Unfortunately it's true and intentional. They were originally required level 80 (and the armor was req 75 rec 80) but that was a mistake, and so they adjusted them to their intended levels. However there have been some similar complaints about the level requirements on the seals, and Ngreth has said he would consider lowering them to 81.

      The rationale he used was that there were worse focuses available that had a required level of 85, so it wasn't fair to make these better focus items with a lower requirement. It has been countered that there are other items from underfoot with the same or better focus that are only required level 81.

      I personally hope he lowers it. It's been hard enough getting people to buy this new cultural, and it needs all of the boosting it can get.

      Here's a link to the thread in which it has been discussed:Link


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        Simply lowering the Soloists to 81 would solve a big issue for me. Also i think many agree that Cleave, Fero, and Faerune foci should be stacked with the Magic, Fire, and Det. Haste seals.

        One other thing I hope they address. GROUP seals. Like some mentioned, Having UF group dropped components that you can AAAA into a 10ac/200hp with Cleave VII instead of Cleave VI etc. would make having cultural a real option and just upgrading the seals as you get the drops.

        And one other thing. The Seals and Venerable Symbols.... I literally had a 75% fail rate. And people are charging 5-10k per Spongy Loam on Mayong.
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          Originally posted by fr3d1337 View Post
          And one other thing. The Seals and Venerable Symbols.... I literally had a 75% fail rate. And people are charging 5-10k per Spongy Loam on Mayong.
          On these items, at best you would have 50% success rate. I know when I made a full set of armor for an alt, the smith doing the armor (needed a vah shir) was only I think 12% mod and we used over 100 vanadium ore making templates before it was all done.

          As far as combining the focus effects, I think there are a couple threads on the eq forums that discuss this and possible remedies for it. Changes are hopefully coming, remember there has not been a patch since about 1 week after the expansion and there are a lot of little tweaks and changes that people are discussing. Hopefully now that the devs are back from their vacation over the holidays they will be able to address many of the issues that players are bringing up and we will see some slight changes.
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            The good news is I have all my Stalwart Ogre Chain, and all my Venerable Terror Symbols and all 3 of my Melee Focii Soloists.

            SO I am done with Cultural until raid dropped items....

            Bad news is I'm 81 and can't USE my focii.

            I'm a BER so i don't really have a dog in the Fero Vs Fire focii fight.

            Did get 8 out of 9 on Stalwart though. Hell I fail the Vanadium Templates more than the Stalwart =D
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              These should be 81 in the next patch.
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                AWESOME Ngreth.

                Any idea of the time-line on the next patch?


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                  BTW. WOOT. Thanks for the change. I like critical hit increase and double attack too! =D... and OMG faerune... Thank you. 1.5 weeks without Faerune and night-vision and Enduring Breath was enough.... Things were so dark! =P


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                    Originally posted by Ngreth Thergn View Post
                    These should be 81 in the next patch.
                    Thank you for being so responsive to our needs.