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Bounty Tea--almost a good move.

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  • Bounty Tea--almost a good move.

    So with SoD, there were two stat drinks, both requiring Chronal Resonance Dust. One could be made with no other foraged/dropped components, and the other could be made with one additional forage (tea leaves, EK). An annoying forage to go out specifically for, but I guess foraging in old-world zones is a small price to pay for good drink.

    (There was also Drink of Timeless Energy, but I'm not even going to discuss the issues I have with the sheer quantity of farming involved.)

    Now, with Underfoot, we've got the same pattern, except not quite.

    Instead of a good stat drink requiring only Cosgrove Powder, we have a recipe that requires Cosgrove Powder and a GoD drop. And instead of a better stat drink requiring only one additional forage, we have a recipe that requires like 3 extra forages.

    Mind you, I don't think that's a bad idea. I am all about unique, fun drinks. I'm all about making them marginally difficult to make.

    I do think that Ngreth missed a small but vital detail when including GoD items in this recipe.

    Taelosian Tea Leaves should be Taelosian Tea.

    For the following reasons:

    1. This is supposed to be the "easy" recipe for Underfoot. Yes, Cosgrove powder is arguably easier to come by that Chronal Resonance Dust, but farming tea on a 1-3 ratio instead of a 1-1 will make this recipe remotely viable for production.

    2. Underfoot is honoring tradeskillers and their history already in a unique way with the Coldain Shawl quests (when they get implemented). Let's honor the GoD tradeskill quests, and those who went through the hassle, by finally giving an advantage to those who did the Brewing quest.

    3. DoN/PoR already ignored the GoD subcombines. Can we break this precedent, please? My stocks of Taelosian Tea are beginning to molder, since I can't convince enough people to do the BiC quest to use it all up.
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