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    Was wondering if anyone could help my brain . Was wondering how we go about the slot 17 augs for new cultural.

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    The group versions are called Cosgrove Soloist Seal of XXX, and are made via pottery. Go to Brell's Rest, at the top of the bridge/ramp there is a Useful merchant; he sells the books/recipes you'll need. Scribe them, go to a wheel and a kiln and type "soloist" in the recipes window to see the combines, and what each does.

    The raid versions are made with a raid drop (similiar to Last Bloods, etc) and involve one of those gnome containers

    Good luck!


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      I bought every book I could from the Useful Vendor in Brells Rest and I am not finding the book with the instructions for creating the new slot 17 augs.

      Any help will be much appreciated.


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        The book is called "Seals of the Soloist" if memory serves. It might have a minimum pottery skill requirement to purchase/scribe, for all I know, though my bard's pottery was only at 251 (or so) and he was still able to see/scribe it.

        I think it's the Useful Automated Vendor in Brell's Rest who sells them, but if that isn't the case you could try checking the cultural historians by the library in PoK. Pretty sure it's the Useful Automated Vendor though.


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          The book was the Seals of the Soloist. It wasn't on the merchant in Brells Rest, but it was on the Tinkering Tradeskill Merchant in POK by the library.


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            how you can know what ink for what bonus ? there is a list ?
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              Originally posted by xeni View Post
              how you can know what ink for what bonus ? there is a list ?
              Yes, the book itself at the end of it lists which ink is for which bonus. This time around, focii is slot specific so there's a very limited number of recipes.

              Once you get this book scribed, you will see the recipes in the pottery wheel/kiln as well.
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