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Please REMOVE the "lore" tag off of cosgrove soloist seals

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  • Please REMOVE the "lore" tag off of cosgrove soloist seals

    I just realized this today while making a few sets of symbols and seals for friends.

    Obviously, the LORE tag on the cosgrove soloist is a nuisance if you are making several at the same time.

    But if you are WEARING one, you can never create the same one for someone else, ever? That can't possibly be intended?

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    Yeah, that's gonna need fixing.


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      I may have missed it somewhere. Does anyone know how to get the slot 17 augs for cultural ?


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        Crafted with pottery for group level type 17 seals. There is a recipe book sold in Brell's Rest from the clockwork merchant.

        Crafted via Opal amalgamator for raid level type 17 seals. Requires a raid drop and standard focus addition similar to faycite. Also detailed in a book sold by the clockwork merchant.
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