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Venerable Human cultural Book missing?

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  • Venerable Human cultural Book missing?

    I am a level 80 Human. I can't see the Venerable impressions task on either of the tradeskills quests NPC's in Qeynos or East Freeport. My smithing skill is 300. My tailoring skill is 300. I wondered if I needed to be a higher level? So far i have found no other info. I asked another Human character who is level 85 to go and try to get the venerable impression task, but he didn't see it either. Does any one have an answer to level/skill requirement to recieve this task?

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    I just got the book

    I just got the task in Qeynos, im lvl 85 with 300 smithing so maybe its lvl related.


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      Thanks for the reply.

      Have you done the other impressions tasks?

      I am hoping I don't need to go do the sublime task just so I can get the venerable task.

      Also, has anyone under level 85 gotten the task, any race or whatever, just looking for a confirmation on possible level restriction. Seems kinda weird that an item with a required level of 81 would be restricted to level 85 to make it.


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        I did one of the low lvl tasks long ago but not any of the higher lvl symbol tasks.

        Ill check the tasks with one of my lower lvl toons and see if i can get the higher lvl tasks.
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          It is lvl based you have to be lvl 85 to get the task.