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    Being in a raiding guild and a tradeskiller to boot I was tasked with making templates for our UF raids "we start raiding UF tonight !! I am really excited !"

    So I decided since the guild provided all the materials I would go ahead and do a few full sets of silk,leather,chain and plate templates so we would be ready for the raid loots when they drop.

    Imagine my surprise when i found out there is no ryme or reason to their stacking !!!

    here is a list of the item and how many per stack

    skullcaps stack= 6
    boots stack= 6
    Arms stack= 6
    wrists stack= 10
    gloves stack= 6
    pants stack= 2
    chest stack= 2

    head stack= 4
    boots stack= 6
    arms stack= 4
    wrist stack= 10
    gloves stack= 4
    pants stack= 3
    chest stack= 3

    head stack= 5
    boots stack= 5
    arms stack= 5
    wrists stack= 7
    gloves stack=5
    pants stack= 2
    chest stack= 2

    head stack= 3
    boots stack= 3
    arms stack= 3
    wrists stack= 5
    gloves stack= 5
    pants stack= 1
    chest stack= 1

    Guess who is out of bag space after making 5 of each and 10 of each bracer....
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    /waves at Saum

    I think there is a bit of rhyme or reason there, but someone else correct me if I'm wrong as I know I'm missing some of it

    Plate - this is sturdy and can't be bent and takes up the most room. So I'd expect stacking here would be the lowest out of everything and it is.

    Not sure fully on the rest.
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      Heya crystilla ! how ya been

      I would agree with that but these are nor finished products. these are just templates. I would think they would stack deeper than they do.


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        Aren't they planning to add a David Tennanet style NPC who will store these things for us?


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          I believe the new NPC is to store patterns. So all your cultural patterns/molds and all the symbol patterns will be able to be stored on the npc. It is hopefully going to be on test soon is last I heard about it.
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