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New culture books loc?

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  • New culture books loc?

    Anyone know where they can be purchased. Cant seem to find info on them.


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    The recipe scrolls can be purchased and scribed from the vendors in PoK to the left of the entrance to the library. Scrolls available are skill dependent.

    The symbol recipes require the Impression Mission obtained from your Home City Tradeskill Quest NPC on Find. The reward is a book based on the level of task completed; "[level of symbol] Book of {insert Race} Culture". The Latest Symbol level is Venerable.

    The Armor patterns are obtained via the same NPC and the reward is a book called "Ancestral [insert Race] Armor". This one book makes patterns used in any level of armor. The Latest Armor Level is Stalwart.
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      Template Recipes

      The femplate recipes, Smithing XIV and Tailoring XIV, are on the cultural tinkering vendor.

      The Stalwart (armor) and Venerable (symbol) books are on the cultural research vendor.

      Some people have had issues seeing them. Some rumors dispelled:
      You do not need to visit Underfoot first. (I dinnae)
      You don't need to be 85 (my 84 SK bought them)
      You prolly do need to have 300 skill.
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        So you've actually purchased the Stalwart armor smithing books, with all the Cultural recipies, from the Pok vendors?


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          Cultural Books

          I have bought them in PoK.

          Cultural Research Historian has:
          Stalwart Armor Books
          Venerable Symbol Books

          Cultural Tinkering Historian has:
          Armor Template XIV Books
          Seal (type 17) Book
          Trophies: Fr-2 Jour-4 Exp-8 Mast-6 GM-29


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            Saw some for sell on a vendor in Brells at the top of the bridge


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              please help me make sense of this. i am lvl 77, have a 252 in smithing. i have done the cultral armor quest. the reason i cant find the vender that sells the stalwart cultral book is (a) im too low level,(b) im not skilled enough in smithing to see the vender, (c) i do not own Underfoot, or (d) all of the above. ive been searching the web for answers and cant seem to find any. thank you


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                The previous poster Shadrok provided the location area for the books , in PoK. To scribe the Stalwart book or make Stalwart armor you will need a skill of 300, it wont let you learn recipe till then. You can attempt the Immaculate or VanadiumTemplates, good luck those are still a high trivial, but the Stalwart Armor requires 300 skill.
                There is no "experiment" mode for Stalwart, you can't just put the components into an empty container. The recipe is Learned after you purchase and scribe the book. After it is scribed when you open your tailor kit or forge , the recipe will be added to your Learned recipes for you. So keep grinding to 300 , and then the new torture of making the Stalwart combines will begin for ya.
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                  To able see those patterns, do I have to do the symbol quest? Because I am at 300+ on both and still not able to see on vendors in PoK.. Thank in advance!


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                    To get the patterns , you need to do a real easy collection quest , in low level zones. You see the cultural person , whether smithing or tailoring, in your home city. Just do the usual hail and follow directions. Alla has the walk thrus for the lower culturals, it will be the same NPC in your home town you talk to for the Stalwart. good luck


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                      Originally posted by Cajunia View Post
                      To able see those patterns, do I have to do the symbol quest? Because I am at 300+ on both and still not able to see on vendors in PoK.. Thank in advance!
                      What patterns exactly are you looking for?

                      Patterns to craft stalwart armor? Patterns to craft a symbol?

                      Either type of pattern requires that you complete a quest and receive a book of your races culture. This book is used in a combine in a book binding to create a backpack full of molds/patterns depending on the book you use will determine the type of pattern produced. These patterns can be used to craft the armor.

                      As stated, any level of armor from level 20 (Simple) to 85 (Stalwart) uses the same molds/patterns from a book that is an easy task to complete. The symbol tasks are harder based on the level of the symbols they create.

                      Use specific item names and combinations and people may be able to help better answer some of your questions.
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                        where do i find the books for the cosgrove soloist seals, i have 300 skill and when i put the items in it says "this seems right, but you need to know something more" ran into this in the past and bought a book, but dont see any at PoK library or brell's rest auto merchant.

                        i am lvl 83 atm ... dunno if that would make a diff

                        nm i finally found it.. dunno if i passed it up earlier or if it came available at 83 .. was 82 when i checked last.
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                          Stimpy, where did you find it? I'm still looking...

                          [Edit] Found on tinkering historian in PoK :P
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