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    I had an order to craft a set of Solo Elder Seals. The player designated some focus effects to be included. I studied the effects offered in several ways: prepared scrolls offered for sale by the new Cultural Merchant, Culturist Devari, upstairs in the Dogle Pitt bank, PoK. I studied the effects offered by the list of Seals as reported in the "Solo Elder Seals" scroll. My customer had designated seven effects desired, leaving me to select an eighth as appropriate. The crafting became very complicated in part because some of the scrolls offer two or more effects, and grants them in identical qualities. As these do not stack, I plotted to avoid putting more than one version of the same effect in any of the eight Seals. I noted that the recipes listed in the "Solo Elder Seals" are not comprehensive, that is, some armor slots are restricted to use of maybe only two Mechanoinstructions. As I proceeded, experimentally I tried to expand the options for a less well-apportioned slot, buy putting one of the Mechanoinstructions not listed for a slot in anyway. It did not work. I had come upon the focus Parry/Block for which there was no prepared Mechanoinstruction but which would have been perfect for my customer. I had considered crafting it from a Tablet. But, seeing that even inserting one pre-crafted in a non-specified slot did not work, quickly I gave up that idea. In final assembly of the Seals for my customer, I was mandated to include some effects for which he has no need just so he could have the generic purity in each.

    Be prepared to spend a lot of planning time. Do not bother with experimentation.

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    When I was putting these items/recipes in - it looked to me like they followed the last several expansions worth of group cultural symbols. Only a few options for head (2), hands (2), feet (2), wrists (4), legs (3) and sleeves (4) and then a large set of choices for chests. For the head, hands and feet you're either a bard or not. Wrists have a few options for casters (poison, disease, healing or chromatic). Legs and Arms give you options to fill for melee, hybrid or caster and then chest is just left for whatever else you want to put in. I think in general there are probably two combos to use: a bard combo and one that should work for everyone else. At least with all my characters that wear cultural, I can make due with those two basic combos. I just tweak the wrist/chest slots based on class.

    Boot - Singer
    Glove - Drummer
    Helm - Farseer
    Leg - Berserker
    Sleeve - Healer
    Wrist - Poison/Disease
    Chest - Firechief

    Everyone else -
    Boot - Seafarer (beneficial spell haste)
    Glove - Cryomancer (cold)
    Helm - Arcanist (magic)
    Leg - Venturer (detrimental spell haste and Ferocity)
    Sleeve - Healer
    Wrist - Poison/Disease (chromatic if enchanter)
    Chest - Firechief (Fire and Cleave)

    I'm sure there are those out there that would disagree, but my 2cp nonetheless.

    Happy Holidays!
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      This was my first time making the non-raid raid slot augs.

      My client was a ranger.

      My products ended the same as yours, with the exception that I made Berserker for the leg slot, instead of Venturer. With this, you score higher than I do, as my set lacks detrimental spell haste.