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    Various books with TDS recipes seem to be available from Scribe Zikett vendor in PoK. Obviously, he's got the August armor and weapon books, but he also has:

    Adventures in Woodworking - Fletching recipes involving relic fragments
    Charms and Jewels - Jewelcraft recipes involving relic fragments
    Crystilla's Ale Recipes - The recipes for both Crystilla's Ales
    Enchanting Beverages - Brewing recipes involving relic fragments
    Lost Alchemical Formulas - Alchemy recipes involving relic fragments
    Magical Treats - Baking recipes involving relic fragments
    Mana Powered Contraptions - Tinkering recipes involving relic fragments
    Peaceful Seas - Poisons made with relic fragments
    Repurposing the Past - Pottery recipes involving relic fragments
    Research: Sortilege Sheets & Battle Diagrams - Newest (level 96..100) research recipes

    One thing to note: I was able to make ancient arrows before scribing "Adventures in Woodworking," but it didn't let me learn the recipe. Scribing the book, however, made the recipe available in the tradeskill UI window.
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    Thanks. There is already a reference page that can be found here.

    They are also available in Katta Castum: Deluge from Artisan Antemm. The Alchemy vials and poison vials are available in PoK (as well as Katta) and it's been confirmed that the raid elder water and soloist elder water are not yet in game in the everquest forums.
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