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  • SoD cultural weapon recipes

    Ok, I've been browsing/searching/screaming at these forums for 90 minutes or more now, so I'm just gonna take the easy way out. I stumbled upon a post that made it easier to make the cultural weapons by listing what/where/how by number--so we didnt have to look at the book every 5 mins. Now, at the time I found this heavily useful and bookmarked it. However, I had some computer problems recently and had to re-install windows, therefore losing all my bookmarks. Now, this is obviously a huge pita but for here, I was hoping someone might be able to link the post for me, or even better!! Get it stickied?
    *grins* Thanks in advance!

    Couple days later and less foggy brain, I ran up a search on posts with Vanadium ore in it, just picked something I knew was part of the post. For thes rest of you who hit this page, possibly looking for the same **** thing I was, here's the link.
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    comment about SoD weapons

    I remember that list now, thanks for re-linking it. I have a comment about the weapons, but I don't think anything will be done. So I guess I'm just gonna vent....

    While leveling my necro, ( I know, I shouldn't really be concerned about weapons...), I was going to make something for him. To my dismay, the ONLY weapon type usable by INT class characters is a baton, 1HB. There are no piercing or 2hb. Not that it will matter, but I just wanted to point that out.
    (My ranger has scribed the simple, ornate, and intricate recipes, and I checked each item on the forge).

    OK, venting done. Thanks for participating


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      All SoD weapon recipes should now be in DB

      I went through and added everything for all the SoD weapons and the pottery subcombines that hadn't been turned in by others. Hopefully I didn't make any typos, but it was a lot of work If anyone catches any mistakes, please let us know if the update forums!
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        My Necro is makin Intricate recurve bows to get closer to 300 ( 295 triv ) along with the Fire Nuke symbols of = Sacred Reaching Symbols of the Fire Lord augments in JC ( 286 triv ) over on Bert....

        bow stats REQ 51 REC 60
        HP 35
        M 35
        E 35
        base damage 10
        delay 25
        Range 150

        STR 3
        STA 4
        WIS 2
        AGI 4
        DEX 4
        CHA 3
        4 to all saves
        +3 ATK
        +1 to HP / mana regen
        Slot 1, type 7 (General: Group) - ( like an AC aug from the cliknar scouts i guess )
        Slot 2, Type 11 ( Crafted: Group ) - ( like below )

        Sacred Reaching Symbol of the Fire Lord
        REQ 51 / REC 60
        HP 35
        M 35
        E 35
        base damage 5
        fire damage 1
        4 to all base stats
        no saves
        +2 atk
        effect Fennin Ro Strike III
        REQ lv 60 ( dont know why.. its a 51 REQ bow )
        Strikes your opponent with a fire attack that causes between 40 and 40 hit points in damage.
        must use class VI augment disteller to remove safely

        yes i know there are "Better" bows out there that are easier to get..
        but can those bows nuke for 40pts??

        i dont think so.. and there are heal augs.. poison nuke augs.. cold nuke augs..
        augs that drain atk or ac.. generate hate or reduce hate..

        interested??.. email me or the wife


        on Bert server.. we help you out..

        ( disclaimer : can only do safely up to intricate right now, sorry.. workin on better skill )