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  • Blessed Water combines

    I've made a couple of the new weapon augs using the vendor purchased blessed water. But now I'm trying to make one that uses Blessed Water of the Skeptic. This doesn't seem to be vendor purchasable.

    Here's the recipe I'm using:

    But it doesn't work for me. I've tried in both my collapsible and normal Jeweler's Kit. I get a message that says I cannot combine these items in this container type.

    I also tried Blessed Water of Judgement with the same error. I have also restarted EQ (even rebooted), but still get the same error.

    Has anyone made this water? Or have any clues to what might be wrong?

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    Alla has the Blessed Water recipe using a Purescale Ore instead of a Jade Shard, but are you sure the aug recipe doesn't use just the standard store-bought water? Check your jeweler's kit.


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      Thank you very much. After checking the actual recipe it doesn't use Blessed Water of the Skeptic, it uses 'Water of the Skeptic'.

      I inspected several others and so far it seems to be the only one that doesn't use 'Blessed' water.


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        One wonders what Blessed Water of the Skeptic even means. Blessed by who, exactly?


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          Mistake in recipe

          Try using just Water of the Skeptic for the skeptic symbol. That should work.

          And for the Judgement symbols its Blessed Water of the Tribunal.
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            You will first need to burn sage for the initial cleansing. You can also combine the sage with sweet grass which is used for ritual cleansing. This technique is often referred to as smudging. You would begin by
            choosing whether you want to burn the bundle compactly or if you wish to pull twigs and leaves from the bundle to burn. The abalone shell serves as a bowl for burning the individual leaves. Personally, I prefer to burn the end of the compact bundle, then putting it out by wrapping the end with aluminum foil.When you begin to burn the end of the bundle; you must travel to all corners of the room in each room of the house. In a clockwise manner, move from corner to corner smoking and cleansing the space as you recite a blessing over your home. This way was practiced by the Native Americans. There are many different blessings that can be used, including catholic prayers; but my personal favorite is a simple binding prayer. Simply repeat the blessing: "I bind all negative energy from this home and bring positive influence with my presence." After burning the sage, it is time to use the blessed water. As you pour the purified water into the spray bottle, it is important to bless it. This technique is what makes the water holey. You do not have to be a priest to bless purified water. The intentions and the positive energy you have channeled during the meditation leaves you clean and well able to pronounce blessings.