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    Originally posted by Jidokwon View Post
    I'm getting conflicting information on a few things related to melee research.

    I don't like killing guild master points, as I do some testing from time to time. As a monk (melee class) I was able to skill up just fine from 1 to 243 using the melee kit. I didn't need a "kick start" of any kind. I've never seen a "kick start" requirement in any tradeskill or any skill for that matter (even all the languages can be learned without blowing GM points). I tried the "freebie" task in CR, but couldn't use the spell kit for the combines (I didn't think to try the melee kit, as it task specifically said to use the spell kit). I was able to do combines for Quill of the Transcendent right from the start with no "kick start." (looking up Quill of the Trancendent here looks like the Quill needed no longer exists, but I certainly hope they don't suddenly start adding "kick start" requirements to skills).
    I have not tested, but I seem to recall I needed to go to a guild master and spend one point for it to show up on my skills list.

    Originally posted by Jidokwon View Post
    Another conflict is do melee classes get any research aa? I've been told it should be in my class aa, but it doesn't exist on my 75th monk or my 85th monk both having all expansions. While I appreciate any one helping and making suggestions, most of the conflicting information I've run into has been from nonmelee classes. I've yet to talk with an actual melee researcher to verify if we get a research aa. If so, I don't have it and would appreciate learning how to unlock it. I tried blowing a skill point at the guild master to see if that would unlock it, but at 243 I'm too high for him to raise.
    Only INT classes get the "Research" AAs (Arcane AMstery I believe they are called). Hybrids and Priest classes have to spend AAs to buy the ability to allow their skill to advance beyond 200. When you talked to a "melee" was a WAR MNK ROG BER? I imagine it was a hybrid that was meaning the AAs to advance beyond 200 skill.

    Originally posted by Jidokwon View Post
    I haven't touched the trophy yet, but am planning to do that today in hopes I can get it and it is working. I don't do much testing with my FV characters and the character slots are rather limited. If I were to test anything on my Test server characters, I'd likely add to conflicting info if anything I did there didn't go live. I'm willing to create a melee research test dummy on another live server and think that'd be more appropriate for this thread.
    In general, it is better to do make the trophies early and let them level up with you (using a Geerlok at the same time would give you the +5% while still evolving the trophy). The reason is because (in general) the drops for the lower level trophies are easier to farm / obtain than the higher level trophy requirements. Individual results may vary depending on what you have saved up and your ability to farm parts.

    Can the trophies be traded? If yes, I would think it would be easiest to make one on a low skill level researcher and transfer. If not, good luck on the task.



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      Thanks for clearing some of that up. It was definitly not melee classes that I was hearing I should have some research aa from, though a few claimed to have melee researchers.

      I haven't tested anything with an entirely new character yet, but I was able to pick up the trophy task fine with 243 skill. I haven't attemped all the combines of the task yet, so not 100% if it's doable, but looked fine at a glance.

      I'm likely overlooking something obvious, but some of the tomes are well above what I'll be capped, no? I know I can attempt them anyhow, but 300 is going to be the cap minus mods?