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    I was quite frustrated; I wanted to make some Terror Fish Sushi Rolls but obtaining the Energized Seaweed seemed futile. The word Energized made it seem that it would be purchased or crafted. But, I searched for sources of any seaweed and came to the conclusion that it might be fished, just like the Terror Fish. So I gave it a try in Shards Landing. There I was pleasantly surprised to fish that very item together with the fish.

    I took with me 40 Fishing Grubs. Fishing skill is 200 unmodified and I used no special rod or bait. From the 40 grubs i fished:
    27 Terror Fish
    12 Energized Seaweed
    3 Fish Scales
    1 Tattered Cloth Sandal
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    in East Wastes: Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening
    i have caught
    Terror Fish
    Energized Seaweed
    Ry`Gorrian Toothfish
    fresh fish
    Tattered Cloth Sandal