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Old out of date recipies needed for Progression server.

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  • Old out of date recipies needed for Progression server.

    Been trying to find some of the old recipies such as the old Jewelcraft ones for the upcoming progression server. Anyone know where I can get a list of these?

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    I can state with certainty that they are not here. I thought I've seen someone tell a similar inquiry that there is an archive somewhere, but I'm not finding the thread.
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      I have many printed pages copied from EQTraders, Allakhazam, Casters Realm and other sources which are no longer available. They were beautiful charts (pictures and stats) of jewelery made the old fashioned way.

      HOWEVER, also I have this gem from the newsgroup

      I still subscribe to this newsgroup but the posts currently all but none relevant to today's game. Besides being offered by special servers, newsgroups are found on Google - groups. And it is from this source that in June 2001 I printed this memory. And today it is still available on Google.

      If the link does not work for you, I can state search criteria at Google that will give direct link to the article.


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        Original JC recipes were Enchanted Metal + gem.

        The only variance from current in game listings would be enchanting the metal would provide stats.

        I do not recall all the combinations for specific stats, but I will see if I can find my old notes that include some of the "useful" pieces.

        Found some data:
        Amber = STR
        Bloodstone = STA
        Black Pearl = AGI & DEX
        Black Sapphire = HP, Mana, and AC
        Carnelian = AGI
        Cat's Eye Agate = CHA
        Diamond = all saves
        Emerald = AC + sv Fire
        Fire Emerald = STR & DEX
        Fire Opal = HP and AC
        Hematite = sv Fire
        Jacinth = sv Magic and AC
        Jade = HP, Mana, AC
        Jasper = WIS
        Lapis Lazuli = sv Dis
        Malachite = sv Pois
        Onyx = DEX
        Opal = AGI & STA
        Pearl = AC and sv Pois
        Peridot = AC and sc Cold
        Ruby = STR & WIS
        Sapphire = STR & INT
        Star Rose Quartz = INT
        Star Ruby = DEX & CHA
        Topaz = AC and sv Dis
        Turquoise = sv Cold
        Wolf's Eye Agate = sv Mag
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